Floribama Shore Episode Recap: Not Nothing Physical

This week on Floribama Shore, the drama with the Gus Smynios and Nilsa Prowant reaches a head…literally. Nilsa approaches Kortni Gilson about breaking girl code and the drama ensues. Why oh why can’t these two either go their separate ways? Or just spare us the clingy dramatics. The hunch punch could not have been that great, if this is still an issue. Meanwhile, Gus’ self-esteem is through the roof from all of the attention. SMH!

The death defying fun continues at Wild Canyon adventures. Everyone cheers on Candace Rice and Aimee Hall from a distance as they contemplate their lives, as they decide swing into open air. They screamed and cried, but were able to conquer their fears. Gus checks on Nilsa, who has missed all of the fun due to her motion sickness earlier. Kirk Medas and Nilsa are hanging out at the hotel, when she reveals how her feelings are hurt by Kortni and Gus constantly cuddling. My feelings probably would be more hurt over Gus sleeping with another woman 24 hours after me. Not, him sleeping in the bed with someone who calls themselves a giraffe.

Nilsa- and- Kortni- Talk

One half of the group decides to go out and the others stay and hang out at hotel. Kortni and Nilsa playfully discuss the cuddling from the night before. Nilsa was clearly hurt by the situation, but decided to handle the situation maturely. Rather than go off and make a big deal, she voices her concern, listens and decides to let it go. She is hoping that she doesn’t have to talk to Kortni again about her behavior. Hmmm… something is telling she will and quite soon.

I have mixed feelings about the whole thing. On one hand, they are adults and possibly just friends.  On the other hand, if my friend was doing that to me, I would be upset as well. Especially if I told her, it bothered me. But then again, Gus would have been off my radar a LONG time ago once he started playing games.


The guys plus Aimee decide to go out to a bar for the evening. While there, everyone notices that Gus is in his feelings and bringing down the mood.  Jeremiah Buoni is visibly irritated and annoyed by his somber mood, while everyone else is trying to enjoy their night. I guess the bromance is over for the night.  The two go back and forth and Jeremiah basically tells him, he can take his attitude and go home.

In an interview, Gus exposes why he was upset. Drum roll please….He was bummed he messed up his chances with Cabo Barbie. WTF… you don’t even know this girl.  He had a pity party as if he broke up with someone he has been with for years. Its official, Gus may be even more clingy and sensitive than Nilsa. This is just weird!

The morning after, some of the roommates discuss what was up with Gus the night before by the pool. Jeremiah doesn’t want to talk about it, but feels like it was definitely annoying. Meanwhile at a different table, Gus, Candace, and Kirk are irritated no one woke them up for breakfast. Kortni sees them sitting alone and immediately goes over and stirs the pot.

She tells Gus that Jeremiah said he didn’t know what his problem is, but he is keeping his distance. I can’t stand when people do things like this. Everyone basically agreed they didn’t know the issue, but decided to leave it alone. She made it seem as if Jeremiah was talking behind his back, which wasn’t the case. He didn’t bring up the conversation, he just wasn’t interested in the drama.

Jeremiah decides to confront Gus when he sees him on the balcony alone at the hotel. Gus isn’t mad anymore, but is disappointed in himself for getting caught up over a girl he barely knew. Whew, I’m glad he admitted that was nuts. I was starting to think there may be some undiagnosed emotional issues. And just like that… the bros are back together.


Gus uses Nilsa’s bathroom and upon being slapped in the face by the smell, Nilsa is annoyed. She wonders sarcastically, why he didn’t just use Kortni’s bathroom, since they are “so in love.” Gus goes outside and asks the group what the real issue is. Aimee and Codi Butts explain that the issue is more so broken girl code, since Nillsa and Kortni are friends.

Nilsa has told Kortni several times that it bothers her to see her so affectionate and cuddling with a guy she really likes. In the past, Kortni has apologized and agreed not to do it anymore. In an attempt to dial the down the drama, Aimee asks Gus to let it go and not bring it up on the last night of the trip.


It’s the last night of the trip and Nilsa pulls Kortni aside at dinner. She tells Kortni once again how much the cuddling bothers her and that is why she has been standoffish. Kortni feels that she and Gus are just friends, so Nilsa should trust her. They part ways amicably after clearing the air (or so we think). Gus asks Nilsa to talk later and they begin to hold hands at the table. Kortni storms from the table after witnessing their display.

She vents to Candace that Gus is misleading Nilsa and Nilsa is too stupid to see it. Candace doesn’t understand why she is so upset. Kortni claims she is just trying to prevent Gus from making another mistake. Candace tells her to step away and let them do what they want because they are adults.


Nilsa and Aimee decide to be nosy and eavesdrop on the conversation. Kortni hears people outside the door and whips the door open, hitting Nilsa in the face.  Kortni seems to take pleasure out of hurting Nilsa, while Candace is concerned and trying to make sure she is okay. I am starting to think Gus and Kortni are co-dependent types that are extremely sensitive and require A LOT of attention. Kortni is coming across like a hater that is jealous the attention is not on her. Kortni laughs and mouths she has been waiting to do that for a long time.  Nilsa cries while holding ice to her nose, hoping it is not broken.

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Nilsa may be milking it a bit, but Kortni is being a complete b**ch  as she sits in the van with her filthy feet in the air. Honestly, if I was Nilsa based on the fact that Gus slept in the bed with big dirty Kortni, I wouldn’t want him anymore.


On the way home, everyone can see that Kortni does not seem remorseful for her actions. As she keeps talking she only makes the situation worse. Aimee approaches Kortni back at the hotel for laughing about her in the car. Kortni attempts to apologize and explain her reaction. She claims her mother would tell her to suck it up, so she doesn’t take things like that seriously.

Later that night, while some are comforting Nilsa, Candace tries to plead Kortni’s case. But once everyone leaves, Candace reveals that Kortni said Karma is a bitch and not to repeat that. Umm… Candace, did you really think you could admit that and it would be kept a secret. Needless to say, Nilsa freaks out. Stay tuned for next week when all hell breaks loose!




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