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Married At First Sight Episode Recap- The Past & The Furious

On last night’s episode of Married at First Sight, decision day was quickly approaching and the couples explored each other’s past to prepare for the future. Dr. Jessica Griffin gives each person an assignment to walk down memory lane and share a traumatic experience or introduce family and friends.

Kristine Killingsworth and Keith Dewar discuss the resentment he had for his dad growing up. Kristine shares her ex-fiance was controlling and wanted her to be a housewife, despite her career aspirations. As she talked to Keith, she realized their relationship is similar to her having to do all of the housework. She questioned whether they share the housework and Keith’s response is “I didn’t expect so many dishes.” It is clear Kristine is starting to feel like the updated version of his grandmother. Her frustration is apparent during a tense conversation about their dynamic. She even tells him she isn’t going to be the breadwinner and the person who solely takes care of the home. I totally agree, I think anyone would start to get annoyed by his childlike behavior. I guess he wasn’t lying when he said he was a lazy couch potato.

AJ Vollmoeller shares a painful memory of a motorcycle accident. He explains he takes risks, such as marrying a stranger because he almost lost his life. Maybe he should apply that same logic to the way he treats people. Stephanie Sersen recounts when she lost her job early in her career and how traumatic that was for her.


Will Guess takes his wife, Jasmine McGriff to the playground that he spent most of his time growing up. Jasmine really needs to grow up. While talking to his best friend and learning more, it almost seemed like she was looking down on his experience. I think they both have the potential to be a great couple, but Jasmine is going to have to stop being so judgmental.

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Luke Cuccurullo takes Kate Sisk to a pier that was a special place for him growing up. Kate claims they had a breakthrough.  She finally is starting to feel like Luke’s wife. If that is true, Kate you may need to raise your expectations. Despite, her optimistic outlook, it’s clear they seem extremely uncomfortable and awkward together.  The DENIAL is real.

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Keith and Kristine speak with Dr. Jessica about their issues with household responsibilities. Keith feels like for the amount of cleaning he was doing, he should have three meals a day. WTH? I’m sorry, but Keith just seems like a man child. What woman who works all day has time to make three meals a day, every day??? If so, then that woman is my version of a superhero. Keith learned during counseling he may have been coping with pain from his alcoholic father with food. That may be true, but he has to start to act like an adult if he wants to stay married.


Jasmine takes Will to her aunt and uncle’s home to show him her close-knit family. Her aunt advises her to listen to her husband. I thought it was in such poor taste for her to embarrass Will about the bills issue. She was clearly inferring that since he wasn’t paying most of the bills he shouldn’t be looked at as the “man of the house.” No wonder you can’t get any action, Jas!

You are emasculating this man at every turn. I understand her viewpoint as someone whose father paid the majority of the bills in our household. But times have changed and it appears that she makes more money than him. Hopefully, she listens to her aunt who has been married for 58 years about working together and compromising.

Stephanie and AJ visit her parent’s home to get to know AJ better. Their interaction seemed more like an interview than a conversation. Don’t get me wrong; knowing what I know, they should grill him. Somehow he forgot to mention his frequent angry outbursts. I highly doubt they will be so impressed after seeing this season.

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Kristine prepares to meet Keith’s dad for the first time. He wasn’t invited to the wedding, so that there was no friction with his mother. His dad doesn’t show up to the restaurant and doesn’t even call to cancel. I felt sad for him because it was obvious by his reaction that he is accustomed to being let down by him. I think this gave Kristine more insight into his life.

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Kate and Luke have dinner with his parents.  Everything seems to be going well until his mother and Kate go outside for some girl time. Luke’s mother asks her series of questions about how she will feel if their marriage doesn’t work. She even reveals in a post-interview that she feels that the experiment makes a “mockery” of marriage. Kate seems sad during the conversation because she felt like no one thinks her marriage will last. Well, sign my name to the list of people. I don’t say that in a snarky way, well maybe I do.

Hopefully, when Kate is removed from this situation, she will be able to see things more clearly. I want her to be with a man who WANTS to be her husband and doesn’t have to force himself to endure her company. Luke’s mom’s words may have dwindled Kate’s confidence, but it’s obvious they simply don’t have any chemistry.


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