Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave Believes Lisa Vanderpump Used Her As A Pawn

Loyalty to your friends doesn’t last long in Beverly Hills!  Last season, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave was Lisa Vanderpump’s “Teddi Bear,” and they bonded over their love of horses. Now Teddi has officially switched over from Team Lisa to Team LVP Manipulated Me.

Teddi is upset because Lisa called her out for talking about Dorit Kemsley and #puppygate.  And instead of taking accountability for her own actions, she’s blaming Lisa. Does Teddi need to retake her online accountability coach exam? 

In her Bravo blog, Teddi shared her conspiracy theory as to how Lisa manipulated her and the situation. She wrote, “When Lisa Rinna comes to eat breakfast, all the side dog talk has me extra anxious. But Rinna helped me confirm some feelings.” Teddi, Lipsa doesn’t help anyone but herself.

She continued, “My intuition was already telling me that something was off when LVP was pretending that she didn’t want the Lucy info out there but had John Blizzard tell me before coming to Vanderpump Dogs. And now talking with Rinna and Kyle [Richards] here, I know I have been used as a pawn to get the story about Dorit and the dog out there while LVP can pretend like she had Dorit’s best interests.” The real way Lipsa could help Teddi is by giving her a chill pill from her pill bag.

Regarding the dramatic dinner scene, Teddi wrote, “By the time we hit dinner, I knew that Dorit needed to know everything that was happening and being said about the dog situation.” You’re so noble Teddi. Gag. She continued, “But it’s when LVP tries to spin it on me that I knew exactly what was happening, and I wasn’t able to let it be. I end up leaving before saying something I would regret.”

Teddi then listed what she would have said to Lisa had she stayed at the table. But she didn’t because she knew she would have got owned and it’s easier to say it behind her computer screen. Teddi said, “LVP says I’m the only one who speaks to John Blizzard. She doesn’t speak to the guy who runs her events? She’s the one who told him to tell me!”

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“If LVP wanted to protect Dorit, and she knew I knew (this is all very Friends‘ “The One Where Everybody Finds Out”) and was coming to film at Vanderpump Dogs, why did she not bother to call or text me telling me to absolutely not bring up Lucy?” Wouldn’t that be Lisa manipulating the situation?

“And of all her employees, why were the two Johns (Sessa and Blizzard) both there filming? Again, I am not innocent in all of this, but no matter what I may say, I do not have control over the actions and workings of Vanderpump Dogs no matter how many times you want to call me a “gossip.” Just like how you don’t have control over the words that come out of your mouth?

She concluded, “…it was all designed by LVP to get this Lucy story out there without looking like she wanted it out there. As you see in the trailer for next week, I am not clean in this mess, and it starts to be revealed…But it all begins with Lisa Vanderpump, and I’m realizing she’s using me as the fall gal. But that’s not a hit I’m going to take.”

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Teddi makes it sound like all Lisa has to do is stir her tea cup and you become hypnotized like in the movie Get Out. Wait…this is all making sense now…


[Photo Credit: Bravo]