Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave Claims Lisa Vanderpump Takes Every Opportunity To Be Passive-Aggressive Towards Dorit Kemsley

We were treated to another great episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills last night. So far, two for two!  Last night was all about continuing to catch up with the Housewives and getting to know new cast member Denise Richards a bit better. And the ladies are already off on their first cast trip to the Bahamas. Which just might be a Real Housewives record for the earliest trip of the season. And we all know how smoothly those vacations go. Add in a few drinks, a couple of grudges, some hurt feelings, and anything can-and will- happen!

Not much was mentioned about Dog Gate last night, but the smell was still lingering in the air. Lisa Vanderpump claims to have moved on from the unsavory situation of Dorit Kemsley’s adopted dog Lucy winding up in a shelter after being rehomed. Whether or not she actually has is debatable.

One person who questions whether or not Lisa has moved on from Dog Gate is Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave. In her Bravo blog, Teddi shares her thoughts on the situation by saying “When I initially found out, I was definitely not nice about it, especially since the story I was told was highly exaggerated (and continues to change-keep watching!).” Teddi does not share what part of the story was exaggerated. Or changes. All we really know so far is that Dorit violated her adoption contract with Vanderpump Dogs. And Lisa is not happy about it. Understandably.

Teddi goes on to confirm what we all know: she and Dorit were not on the best of terms at the start of the season. However, Teddi says  “Once I saw what was happening and after seeing Dorit and how our boys were getting along, I realized that it wasn’t for me to judge her decisions, especially since we all saw the dog was doing great.”

Doesn’t Teddi realize that without judging the decisions of others, we would not have a Real Housewives franchise to watch? You should know this by your second season, Ms. Mellencamp Arroyave!

However, Teddi does seem to be forming some opinions about the dog situation. She goes on to say in her blog that “Lisa Vanderpump and Dorit spoke about the situation off camera before we even filmed at Vanderpump Dogs. Lisa told Dorit everything was good. But then why does it seem like she takes every opportunity to be passive aggressive with resentment in her words and actions towards Dorit?”

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We did see a bit of that when the ladies were flying off to the Bahamas. When Dorit told Lisa that she was going to share a suite with her, Lisa got in some digs, claiming that Dorit snores loudly and passes gas. And asked if she could share a suite with Kyle Richards and Teddi instead. Which couldn’t have made Dorit, who is all about image, very happy. Unless she passes designer gas that she plans to market on QVC, Dorit probably prefers to keep her embarrassing personal habits private.

In wrapping up her feelings about Dog Gate, Teddi takes another jab at Queen Lisa in her blog, stating “Lisa says she is trying to protect Dorit, but it sure feels like she is trying to punish her.” Teddi believes that “Lisa has a right to be upset about the dog, but then she should be forthright in her feelings and intentions.”

Teddi is treading dangerous ground here. She should ask Brandi Glanville or Eileen Davidson how well questioning Lisa’s motives went for them.

Last season Lisa seemed to take a genuine liking to Teddi. They bonded over their mutual love of horses. Teddi even gifted Lisa a pink saddle. And now, there seems to be some frays in their bond. Triggered by none other than Teddi’s former nemesis Dorit.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]