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Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave Tweets About Lisa Vanderpump’s Dog Situation

During the Season 9 premiere of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, we learned that there was a situation with a dog named Lucy. This involved Dorit Kemsley, PK Kemsley, and Lisa Vanderpump.  Dorit and PK adopted the dog from Vanderpump Dogs. And then, somehow, Lucy mysteriously ended up in a shelter without Lisa’s knowledge.  Ouch!

When Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave and Kyle Richards visited the dog center, Lisa reluctantly told the girls the story about Dorit and PK adopting the dog and what happened to afterward.  Teddi admitted in her confessional that she had already heard the story from John Sessa, a Vanderpump Dogs employee.  Word sure gets around fast in Beverly Hills. Doesn’t it?

After getting some backlash from RHOBH fans, Teddi posted on Twitter about the situation. She wrote, “I’ve already said multiple times I am not innocent in all of this.  But why do you think Kyle and I were brought to Vanderpump Dogs to begin with?”  Wow.  Sounds to me like there’s some shadiness going on here.

At a dinner with DoritPK,  and husband Ken Todd , Lisa told Dorit that Teddi was told about the dog situation by her “good friend,” John.  You can almost hear Dorit’s brain churning away with thoughts of Teddi spreading rumors about her.   Lisa assured Dorit that she didn’t share any information with Teddi.  Come on now, Lisa.  You didn’t share first, but you did share.

In Teddi’s Bravo blog post she explained her “friendship” with Vanderpump Dogs Director, John.  “Yes, I was told a story of what happened before I arrived that day by John Sessa, Vanderpump Dogs’ Events Coordinator. No, we were not close friends and did not speak regularly.”

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Now if they weren’t close friends, I wonder why John would reveal such sensitive information to her?  She adds, “So, I don’t know why it would behoove Lisa to exaggerate like that to Dorit. Oh wait, I do, but now is not the time for that.”  Oooooh the shade!

Now, this may or may not be about Lisa but Teddi also tweeted, “There are snakes everywhere in LA.”  It seems like there’s some bad blood brewing between Lisa and Teddi, which would be a shame because wasn’t it just last season that Lisa referred to Teddi as her “little Teddi bear”?

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