Teen Mom 2 Episode Recap: Cold War

On last night’ss episode of Teen Mom 2, Kailyn Lowry is still livid at the possibility of paying her ex, Jo Rivera child support. She believes he is trying to make back what he has already spent for their son. Is he is looking for a quick come up? Or is this only fair?

Kailyn sees Jo for the first time since meeting with her attorney at Isaac’s basketball evaluation. You can cut the tension with a knife. She literally tries to walk out, without acknowledging his presence. Wow… can you say awkward? Neither Jo nor Kailyn speak to one another the entire time they are in each other’s presence. SMH…



For some reason, Jo’s wife, Vee Rivera reaches out to Kailyn about the child support case. Of course, she is initially ignored. Vee hopes she can mediate and help resolve the situation. I don’t know why she would think Kailyn would speak to either of them after being blindsided. She tells a producer that Jo didn’t handle it the right way.  She feels like he should have spoken with Kailyn about the payments before filing.  I don’t know if I believe her. Last week she seemed fine with the situation. I doubt she had a change of heart that quickly.

Kailyn declines meeting up with Jo’s wife via text. But whatever she said has enraged Kailyn. She now feels like Vee confirmed he wants child support out of spite. Her friend encourages her to speak with Jo for the sake of their son. Kailyn isn’t having it! She would rather go to court and let her attorney handle a conversation with Jo. On one hand, I understand her anger. But, I also believe there is a way they could reach an agreement without the courts. But that clearly isn’t going to happen anytime soon!

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Jenelle Evans meets with the crew looking like the unabomber complaining of sinus pain. I didn’t know if she was really in pain or David Eason had another temper tantrum, that day. Turns out, she actually had a nose job surgery to correct a deviated septum.

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Briana DeJesus meets with a friend to discuss her child support case against her ex, Louis Manzano. She plans to go to New York and discuss it with him directly. Frankly, I would have just sent a letter in the mail or called. I think an in-person meeting with this deadbeat guy is more than he deserves.

Now we discover the real reason Briana came to New York.  She wanted to see her new boo, John Rodriguez. He picks her up from the airport and they discuss the upcoming meeting. Briana wants to know why Louis hasn’t checked on his child or been there for her.

Louis and Briana meet for lunch and he casually asks about his daughter.  I can’t tell if Briana is flirting or interrogating him. SMH…

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She wants to know why he never asks for pictures or checks on his daughter. Apparently, he feels he is “bothering” Briana when he speaks to her. More like, it’s a bother for him to be a father. He claims he doesn’t blame her for filing child support, but isn’t financially stable yet. Well, he took that better than I expected. But, I don’t expect him to win any “father of the year” award, anytime soon.

Briana joins John back at the hotel and updates him on the conversation with Louis. Her mom calls and wants to know what happened.  I don’t know how any man deals with her mom and sister’s constant interference. Being with Briana is like being in a relationship with five people, all at once.



Chelsea Houska talks to producers about Aubree’s grandmother telling her, Adam Lind is going to come to her school to eat lunch with her.  Despite his failed supervised visitations, their custody agreement still allows him to visit during lunch. I don’t know if I would have agreed to that, given his substance abuse issues. The last place I would want an unstable parent, is at the child’s school. All of his visits should be supervised until he shows he had his act together.

Upon picking Aubree up from school, Chelsea discovers that Adam didn’t show up. I don’t think anyone had to be a psychic to predict this outcome.  Sadly, Aubree said, “I don’t feel bad, because that’s what I expect.” Chelsea asks if can she call her husband, Cole DeBoer to tell him. Aubree is okay with that as long as she calls on speaker.  I feel really sad she is involved in so many adult conversations. I understand explaining certain situations, but there are some things that she could be shielded from.

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Chelsea is still annoyed that Adam’s mother got Aubree’s hopes up. Nonetheless, she still allows her to pick her up for the weekend. Cole shows a fortune Aubree wrote addressing him as dad. I feel so bad for this little one. She has to be confused and sad that her dad is unreliable.

Chelsea and Cole question Aubree about her conversation with her grandmother as soon as she walks in the door.  The child knows her father isn’t the best, I don’t think it needs to be pointed out consistently.  Maybe on the days that Adam ditches his daughter, Cole can spend some stepdad and daughter time with her.



Leah Messer is frustrated with Addie’s dad, Jeremy Calvert. He is finally home from work, but still canceled a visit. She feels like her daughter is constantly being let down by his absentee parenting. Jeremy picks up his daughter now that he isn’t feeling under the weather.  He shares with her,  he is going to work closer to home to be able to see her more.

Leah finally bites the bullet and attempts a conversation about co-parenting when she picks Addie up. She even tries to pin down how long he will be in town and he has no idea. It has to be hard to make a parenting plan with someone whose schedule is so up in the air.

Leah and the girls are spending the night at her boyfriend, Jason Jordan’s house. She gives him an update on her conversation with Jeremy about being more accountable.  I like that he is supportive without bashing the men in her life when she complains. Let’s just hope he is as accountable with his own children.


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