Teen Mom 2 Episode Recap: Surprise

During last night’s episode of Teen Mom 2, Briana DeJesus finally puts one of her deadbeat baby daddies on child support. Correction, the father of her oldest child, Devoin Austin is a reformed deadbeat. So, he is off the hook (this time). I really hope Briana starts to vet out any other potential fathers suitors before having another child. Speaking of child support, Briana is not the only one on this episode who has filed for it. Stay tuned to find out who else feels they are owed some money!

Briana and her youngest daughter are finally able to go home from the hospital. Her daughter had emergency surgery after an infection was discovered in her arm. Stella’s father only responded to her updates once and sent a sad face emoji. SMH… This is why it is so important that these young girls learn that there is a real downside to having a baby with just anyone.



Briana’s sister, Brittany DeJesus has returned from her trip and she talks to her about her baby daddy woes. Stella’s daycare told her she couldn’t come back until a past due bill of $1,000 is paid. Stella’s dad, Louis Manzano of course, isn’t paying a dime towards the bill. Her sister hits her with a dose of reality. She tells her to start using birth control and stop having babies with randoms! She literally took the words out of my mouth. Preach Sister, Preach!

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Finally, Briana makes the decision to file for support for Stella. Louis doesn’t have a job, but she feels he needs to start pulling his weight. Brittany is ecstatic and feels it is not about the money, but the principle. Honestly, it’s about time she did something to make this man, (and I use that term loosely, given his behavior) do something for his daughter.



Leah Messer is nervous about her boyfriend, Jason Jordan meeting the twins’ father at a dentist appointment. I’m still confused why this meeting would need to go down at a dentist office, opposed to at her house. Surprise, Corey Simms shows up. He finally meets Leah’s new boyfriend and they seem to get along. On the way home, Jason and Leah discuss the awkwardness but know it has to be done.

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Corey talks to his dad about meeting Leah’s new boyfriend. He actually seems to like Jason and felt they had a lot in common. Yasssssssssss… gold stars all around. I am so happy that they finally got to a point in their co-parenting relationship where they both are amicable.

Leah sits down with Jason and thanks him for being so supportive. Jason feels like the meeting wasn’t awkward, but he doesn’t want to disrespect or overstep his place. Leah feels like her co-parenting relationship with Jeremy Calvert is night and day from hers with Corey.  She doesn’t get the help she needs with Jeremy. Hopefully, she and Jeremy can work things out for their daughter sooner than later.



Jenelle Evans meets up with her mom, Barbara Evans for a private yoga class, for some reason. They must really be grasping for content now that her husband, David Eason can’t film. This just seemed like a deleted scene that they were forced to include. After leaving, Barbara tries to get the deets on Jenelle and Nathan Griffith’s court date. According to Jenelle, she wants to continue his supervised visits until she can trust that he is stable. Wow, if that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black.

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Nathan and his mullet speaks with his mother about the court case. He hangs up on her when she gives him a dose of tough love. He insists that the problem is Jenelle and her husband. His mom feels “it takes two to tango.” I guess he wasn’t having anyone dare give him sound advice. SMH… Just when we thought Nathan was growing up.



Aubree hasn’t seen her dad in a few months since her visits were canceled because he didn’t show up for visitations. Chelsea Houska discovers that her ex Adam Lind gave up his rights to his other daughter, Paislee.  Chelsea talks to the producers about wanting to discuss the situation with Aubree. I don’t know why she would need to talk to a child about her dad giving up rights to a sibling.

I think she would first need to know if it will affect their daughter or will she carry on a relationship with her sibling. If it’s not going to affect her, I don’t think she should have that conversation and confuse her. She also entertains the idea of her husband, Cole DeBoer adopting Aubree. He, of course, doesn’t hesitate and wants to adopt his stepdaughter.

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Chelsea visits her mother and updates her on the situation with Adam. She wants to entertain the adoption, but is nervous about Aubree resenting her one day. Her mother thinks it’s a good idea, because she doesn’t want Adam to have custody if something happens to Chelsea. Chelsea has heard that he may be back on drugs and wouldn’t want her daughter in that environment.

Aubree and Chelsea have a discussion off-camera about her sister being adopted. Poor Aubree, you can tell she feels sad. Chelsea talks with her dad about her daughter being really confused. Aubree doesn’t want to be adopted if her dad, isn’t going to be her dad anymore. She is a child and loves her dad despite all of his issues. Chelsea’s dad feels she should just go with the flow and not push Aubree either way. I agree. A child has no way of truly understanding what that means and how that will affect them later.



Kailyn Lowry received a text from her lawyer stating that her ex, Joe Rivera, has filed for child support. They currently have joint custody of their child. Now he wants $1,000 a month in child support. Kailyn is shocked because she thought they had open communication. He didn’t mention that he was taking her to court. Honestly, I think it’s just a money grab now that he has another child. When he was paying child support it was half of what he is now requesting. So, it just seems suspect.

Jo talks with his wife about how he doesn’t think it’s fair that he has to continue to pay child support, despite Kailyn making so much money. I’m sorry, you sound like a hater Jo. It’s not Kailyn’s fault that you are broke. You did have a child with her,  you SHOULD pay something towards his life regardless of how much the mother makes. He sounds crazy expecting a handout because he and his wife don’t have money. Time to get a job, buddy! He could have just asked Kailyn to reduce or discontinue the child support, now that they have joint custody. I am still confused as to why he believes he is owed something. Make it, make sense!!!!!

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Kailyn talks to one of her friends about her issues with Jo and the child support case. She has to go to court to address the situation. She is fearful she may have to pay an astronomical amount, just because she makes more money. After speaking with her attorney, she thinks that the max Joe would receive is $2,300.

She will have to prove the expenses she pays solely for their son. Kailyn goes off in the car after finding out Jo is also seeking nine months of back child support as well. Personally, after hearing Jo’s side, it’s clear that greed and envy are more of a motive than his son. I wouldn’t take issue if he just was requesting to no longer pay support because they have now have joint custody. The back support and the money just make him look bad in my opinion.


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