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Married At First Sight Episode Recap- D Day Comes Early

On last night’s episode of Married At First Sight, there are only two weeks until decision day and the couples start thinking about their future plans. Hot button issues such as kids and money come into play as they discuss their five-year plans. Kate Sisk talks to her husband, Luke Cuccurullo about divorce.

Dr. Jessica Griffin stops by AJ Vollmoeller and Stephanie Sersen’s home to discuss communication. This should be interesting since he communicates by becoming green and busting out of his clothes when he’s angry.  She shows them examples of good and bad communication between the couple. The bad examples are, of course, him snapping on her several times when he becomes agitated. He actually blames PRODUCTION for his lack of restraint. Then calls them “disgusting” referencing the added mass chaos in their life. Last time I checked, AJ, you signed up for the chaos and for us to drag you through the reality tv streets at our pleasure. Let the dragging begin now…

AJ-and-Stephanie--with-expert Married at first sight

Dr. Jessica warns AJ not to take out his frustrations with the show on his wife. Instead of voicing her concerns, Stephanie uncomfortably smiles like a scared child. Someone sound the alarms, the red flags are everywhere! If this is the way AJ acts when cameras are around, can you imagine how he is when they are truly alone? I could easily see his temper tantrums escalating to something far worse. In his mind, the issue isn’t in their marriage or communication, it’s everyone else apparently.

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Will Guess and Jasmine McGriff enjoy a fun night at the bowling alley. Of course in true Jasmine style, she can’t let a day go by without interrogating and judging her husband. I didn’t know if I was watching a job interview or a conversation. She asks about Will’s five-year plan and immediately shoots down his aspirations. In the future, Will hopes to change careers and coach for a college team. In Jasmine’s mind, she is already taking a loss on the bills. She is NOT going to be the wife of a struggling coach.

Will says there are many coaches who make millions of dollars. That seems to placate her for a while, but she is still skeptical. I don’t see Will walking into his dream job with the snap of his fingers, but to each his own.  Jasmine definitely isn’t going to play the role of the supportive wife until he makes it big.

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Kate has a friend over to whine talk about her relationship. Her friend tries to counteract her desperation optimism and provide a dose of reality. I think our little Kate is finally growing up. She is JUST NOW realizing that Luke isn’t sent from heaven and divorce could be an option. They say ignorance is bliss, but I could not imagine being this naive or delusional. This woman is going to have a full emotional breakdown when she watches this season. Well at least, the rose-colored glasses have been removed, for now.


Keith Dewar and Kristine Killingsworth go out to dinner and the five-year plan question comes up again. Are the experts demanding the women to ask this question through an earpiece? Keith’s plan is to have kids within that time. Kristine brings that dream to a screeching halt. She wants to wait until Keith finishes school, which could take up to seven years. She also has plans to accomplish some of her own career goals. Keith is in medical school. I thought he was an orderly.

AJ is dropping Stephanie off at the airport for a “work trip”.  The poor girl is just probably sitting in a hotel room to get away from her husband for a few days. She makes the mistake of trying to give him directions and his IMS- Irritable Male Syndrome is triggered and he snaps again. I guess he learned nothing from that conversation with Dr. Jessica.

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Will catches up with friends about talks about some of his concerns with his marriage. He claims they have a lot in common and says they both desire to have children. I want children as well, but that doesn’t mean I am compatible with half the world. His complaint is that Jasmine is more money driven. In contrast, he is moved by impacting people’s lives. He was very disappointed by her reaction to him sharing his dream.

Is there a huge difference in their salaries? Could that be why Jasmine is concerned? Or is it just she wants a partner to help her to achieve a higher standard of living? Regardless, that finish line of sex keeps moving further and further away. Chile, you better break out that librarian outfit stat!

Kate is so distraught over her realization that her marriage isn’t going anywhere. She breaks down and calls Dr. Jessica. She explains that she still has feelings for Luke, but she really feels divorce may be in their future. Dr. Jessica encourages her to speak candidly with Luke about her feelings.

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Dr. Jessica visits Jasmine and Will at their home to discuss communication. Will immediately addresses his issues with his wife and starts listing examples. Uh oh…He brings up their differences in thought on gender roles. Dr. Jessica gives them an assignment to write down their thoughts about the issues. Jasmine, it may be time to try to increase that 6.8 wife grading.


Stephanie has returned home from her ”trip” and takes AJ to a public place to address her concerns with his temper. She references their conversation with Dr. Jessica. All of a sudden he feels terrible about some of the things that were shown. Wait a minute, wasn’t it production that was “disgusting” and not your actions, AJ? This show needs to be called Married to The Desperate And Crazy. Chile, please!

Kate finally tells Luke she is at a breaking point and is really hurt about him doing nothing for their anniversary. Luke looks at her with a creepy smile and says he is “concerned” because she speaks in absolutes. WTH are you talking about? If he said she talks in a monotone tone that reeks of a lack of confidence, I would agree.

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Luke claims he has been trying to make the best of the situation. This man needs to walk the streets and have things thrown at him while we all scream “shame”, Game of Thrones style. Ughhh… Kate you started so strong, now you are wavering because he said there are “THINGS you do that are attractive.” THINGS??????????? Kate, the man isn’t attracted to you. That could be anything, such as you looking at him adoringly as he tears you down daily. Kate, get it together by next week or we will consider you hopeless.


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