Dorinda Medley Reveals That She Is “In A Great Place With Luann de Lesseps Right Now”

The new season of Real Housewives Of New York is rife with unresolved drama from the last finale.  We are only two episodes in, but the battle lines have been drawn.  And we’re back to blondes versus brunettes.  Surely it’s only practical that the ladies at the center of current feud are holding court in two different houses.  Bethenny Frankel and newbie Barbara Kavovit are sheltering Luann De Lesseps, while Ramona Singer hosts Dorinda Medley, Sonja Morgan, and Tinsley Mortimer.

As of what fans just saw, there is no reconciliation on the horizon for Luann and Dorinda.  But Dorinda, joined by Ramona, interviewed with PEOPLE Now last week and revealed that their relationship has done a 180 since filming the start of the season.

Dorinda started the interview saying, “I thought I was like a family member.  Not as close as Ramona.  I thought I played a big role in her life and was a big support system, but clearly….”

Ramona, true to character, cuts Dorinda off to give her analysis.  She said, “no you were and you did, but she was on a different head trip that’s all.  Luann is in her reality of her Cabaret and getting out of rehab and trying to redo her life.  I mean listen, it’s very intense to be married and divorce in one year. Being in rehab twice.”

Ramona reveals that the conflict continues well into the season.  She said, “you’ll see when we go on our trip to Miami, all the girls are not quite happy with Luann.  So I actually take her aside, and I’m trying to explain to her why the ladies are upset with her.  And she goes, oh they’re just jealous.”

Dorinda jumps in to add, “don’t you think a little bit, there’s a little bit of a lack of self-awareness.”

Ramona explains why Luann then broke down, “she started crying because she realized what I was trying to tell her I was sharing from my heart and soul.  And she just doesn’t quite always get it.  She wants to get it but she doesn’t get it.”

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Dorinda expresses respect and admiration for Luann.  She said, “and that may be a survival mechanism.  You know because she’s really grabbed on to this and we’re all so proud of her.  And we all are so proud that she’s so passionate about something.  But sometimes I think she doesn’t believe we’re so happy for her.  And number two, she can only see that because I think in a weird way it’s been a huge part of her recovery.”

The interviewer steered the conversation to the topic of Luann’s attitude.  She asked, “there was a lot of talk on the premiere about her being on a high horse. Were you surprised by that, especially seeing everything she’s gone through and also being in the headlines a lot?”

Dorinda declined to answer saying, “I’m in a great place with Luann right now so…”

Ramona, unsurprisingly, did not shy away from the question.  “I think now, six months eight months later, she’s more grounded,” she said, “I think you know she was in a place where she started acting very like haughty and more aloof.  But now she’s kind of in a different plane.”

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Fans that didn’t mind the spoiler now have something to anticipate.  It will be an interesting season to see how Dorinda and Luann make amends.


[Photo Credit- Bravo]