Dorinda Medley Thought She Was “In A Better Place” With Luann De Lesseps; Surprised Barbara Kavovit Is So Close With Luann After Their Previous Issues

Real Housewives of New York is back, and Season 11 looks amazing so far! Faster than you can yell “Jovani” at a cabaret show, the continuing turmoil between Dorinda Medley and Luann De Lesseps was brought to the forefront. After all, Luann did not take kindly to Dorinda’s drunken heckling enthusiastic support during her cabaret performance.

Of course, we all know it wasn’t about the Jovani. Instead, it was about Luann failing to invite Dorinda’s man, John Mahdessian to the big show. Dorinda’s blood was boiling once Tinsley Mortimer spilled the beans that Luann had invited her boyfriend, Scott Kluth, the day of the performance. Now that is some questionable etiquette, Countess.

Dorinda took to her Bravo blog to discuss her feelings about her relationship with Luann. “Sadly, the topic of the day surprisingly is my relationship with Lu. I say surprisingly because I was under the impression in the last six months that we were moving on and in a better place,” Dorinda wrote. “We exchanged texts and quite frankly, I was feeling positive about putting the past in the past, but clearly, Luann didn’t feel the same.”

That was obvious from the RHONY premiere episodeLuann told newbie Barbara Kavovit that she could not attend Barbara’s clam bake if Dorinda went. Luann said that she felt vulnerable and wasn’t ready to scream at see Dorinda. Bethenny Frankel, Luann’s new bestie, told Barbara that she needed to uninvite Dorinda. Both Barbara and Bethenny were instrumental in getting Luann to return to rehab. So, their concern for Luann is understandable.

But recently, on Watch What Happens Live, Dorinda told host Andy Cohen about the current state of her relationship with cabaret star Luann. “God forbid she puts the focus on what’s really going on in her life. Then it’s a disaster area. Just stay out of rehab. Stop worrying about me,” Dorinda said. Yikes!

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Dorinda, in her blog, said that she was happy that Barbara had joined the cast as a Friend of the Housewives. She wrote, “I’ve known Barbara for years, and I absolutely adore her. We have gotten much closer over the last year as she went through a terrible time in her relationship with Luann, and I was her sounding board to try to help repair it. Funny how the tables turn so quickly…”

Dorinda may have changed her feelings about Barbara, though. During an interview with US Weekly, Dorinda remarked, “You are going to see throughout the season [that] I’m just trying so hard to communicate with her, and Barbara, unfortunately, is constantly blocking it.” Dorinda also complained about how her friendship with Barbara shifted.

Dorinda shared, “She was an independent friend of mine. So I was just so dumbfounded when…it’s almost like she didn’t know me. I was like, ‘It’s me! Remember me? Remember the person that saved you when you were at Luann’s wedding and she didn’t want to speak to you? Well, as my friend’s mother likes to say, ‘Who’s the smart one now?’” Boom! Mic drop!

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Dorinda also discussed the death of Bethenny’s on-and-off boyfriend Dennis Shields in her blog. “I was so sad to hear about Dennis. He was a good, incredible man and an important part of Bethenny’s life. Her suffering breaks my heart, but I know it is a process, and all I can do is let her know I’m here for her in any way,” Dorinda explained.

I am excited to see all this confusing drama between Dorinda, Luann, Bethenny, and Barbara unfold this season on RHONY.


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