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Lisa Vanderpump Shares Her Side Of The Dog Adoption Drama With Dorit Kemsley

I think we’ve heard from almost everyone on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills regarding #puppygate. At this point, I reckon Lucy Lucy Apple Juice will implore the power of speech and issue a personal statement. The ladies have chosen sides and claim to have receipts in an effort to place blame on Lisa Vanderpump for inciting the saga.

While fingers have been pointing at LVP for outing Dorit Kemsley’s dog drama, Lisa is pointing back. Guess which finger she is using?

The usually stoic restaurateur shared a rarely seen vulnerable side. In her Bravo blog, Lisa said, “This last year has been extraordinarily challenging and I admit I floundered – I didn’t cope – as I wallowed in the depths of depression, having some good days and many bad.” After the loss of her brother to a drug overdose, Lisa acknowledged the grief she suffered was overwhelming at times. Thinking she could get through it with friends, she signed on for another season of RHOBH.

Commenting on the harsh opening of the Season 9 premiere, Lisa said, “You saw Kyle [Richards] come to my house and accuse me of lying. Then, for me to put my hand to God and swear on my children’s life and still have my friend disbelieve me is unacceptable.”

This is where her friendship with Kyle ended. Despite four restaurants in LA, Vanderpump Dogs, a new hotspot in Las Vegas, and Vanderpump Rules, Lisa still has room to make up lies about friends. Not only is she the queen of manipulation, but she is also the queen of time management. Apparently.

During the Bahamas dinner when Lucy was discussed, Lisa pointed out what all of us have said. “It’s ironic and beggar’s belief that not once has anyone inquired after the welfare of the puppy – the beloved puppy.”

THIS RIGHT HERE! Some of the ladies consoled Dorit as she dry-cried into her dinner. No one seemed to give a damn that a living animal was the victim. They would have gone after Dorit with fire if a Birkin bag had been involved.

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Addressing #youknowwhat, Lisa shared, “In this complicated scenario regarding Puppy Gate, I do believe that to expect a tacit response from a group of individuals who have dedicated their lives to the salvation of dogs would be unrealistic.”

Animal rescue folks are hardcore. They don’t think it’s cute when the welfare of an animal is compromised. Lisa explained the dynamic with John Sessa, “He has rescued and pleaded to save so many dogs ripe for slaughter and destined for torture.”

While Dorit feels grossly wronged, John isn’t going to let that fly. Lisa confessed John was livid over the situation. She wrote,“He had a very strong opinion regarding Lucy and we had tried to placate him to no avail.” So, he’s doing his job.

Blabbing about a dog from Vanderpump Dogs turning up in a shelter is the opposite of good promotion. Lisa pointed out, “Just the mere fact that one of our dogs ended up in a shelter is a potential catastrophe, especially since we are a non-profit 501c3 that needs donations.” Maybe this important gem didn’t figure into the blame game going on.

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On re-homing the dog, Dorit explained to Lisa “a woman” had come to her house. She fell in  love with Lucy, which Lisa reluctantly accepted. Dorit was advised she wouldn’t qualify to adopt from Vanderpump Dogs again, and standard home checks and transfers of ownership would have to be done. Based on their friendship, Lisa didn’t see it as an urgent matter. That’s when the ish hit the fan.

Soon after, Vanderpump Dogs received an email saying Lucy was taken to a shelter that has EUTHANASIA FACILITIES. The VPD employees are pissed, and rightly so. Upon finding out about the incident Lisa stated, “John Sessa was enraged.” Because Dorit failed to follow the adoption contract she signed, Lisa is now between her friend and her partner. Thanks, Dorit!

John went to Lisa and Ken Todd’s house to discuss the matter. Of the conversation, Lisa shared, “Ken was emphatic that John would not disparage our friends and would never talk about this publicly in a negative way. John thought otherwise: he wanted accountability.” John. Is. Not. Playing. Basically, Lisa and Ken had to calm him down without condemning his passion. Her main focus was getting Lucy from the shelter and back at Vanderpump Dogs.

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Lisa and Ken had to wing their way to Vegas to break ground on their new business (#ripkylebyalenetoo). She called VPD and said, “in no uncertain terms to the staff at the rescue center that we didn’t want this to gather momentum.”

BUT THEN, “Dr. John Sessa replied that John Blizzard had already told Teddi [Mellencamp Arroyave].” Teddi and John B. shared gossip times, over cropped texts! Alexa, play “Heard It Through The Grapevine.”

Lisa reached out to Dorit hoping to persuade her to step in. Lisa wrote, “I sent Dorit a text urging her to get in front this issue. I would have thought that would have included Dorit going down to the center and calming an already emotional young staff, reassuring them that her intentions, albeit careless, had no malintent.”

It might have ended there, the gesture would have been nice. Again trying to protect Dorit, Lisa said, “I don’t believe for one minute that Dorit would’ve knowingly left the puppy in a shelter, but she was guilty of a careless choice.”

Lisa also does not believe Dorit knew the name of the woman who dropped Lucy off at the shelter. She added, “but maybe her assistant did.” Pew-pew!!

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When filming took place at Vanderpump Dogs, Lisa was told the ladies were there for grooming and Instagram photos. “Kyle even forgot to bring her dog – she must’ve had something else on her mind,” noticed Lisa. She pointed out, “What is so ridiculous is the fact that I never had any contact with anybody but John Sessa regarding that day at the center.”

Lisa also encouraged John to “let it go” since the staff was already so fired up about Lucy.

Because the Bahamas ordeal was such a bad time in her life, Lisa did not watch any of the current episodes. The fact that she was grieving for her brother while being accused of instigating a scandal was not lost on her.

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We shall see what happens. Even if Lisa is somehow manipulating the scenario, I fail to understand how grown women cannot think for themselves.

It does not get better than Lisa’s closing statement. So, here it is: “To my castmates, I will “see you next Tuesday.” Pew-pew!! Is that a James Kennedy reference?


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