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Dorit Kemsley Thinks Kyle Richards Tried To Keep The Dog Drama Going

What a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive… How this isn’t a tagline for someone on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is beyond me. A couple of them might want to consider it next season.

Dorit Kemsley is getting tried in the court of public opinion over a failed dog adoption. Embroiled in the drama surrounding Lucy Lucy Apple Juice, Dorit invited the ladies to the Bahamas for some sun, but found herself in the shade. The mother of two has a lot of feelings after last week’s show, and continues to defend herself in the chronicles of #puppygate.

Oh Dorit, did you really think bribing taking your friends on a vacation would shut them up? Are you new? After viewing the latest RHOBH episode, Dorit admitted that she felt slighted by her co-stars in her Bravo blog.

She wrote, “As a way to kick off the trip, I thought it’d be fun to have everyone over for drinks on my and Lisa V’s incredible terrace. After watching this week’s episode, what I believed was a lighthearted, harmless night was, in fact, the opposite as the girls were having side conversations behind my back.”

Prior to cocktails on the terrace, Kyle Richards and Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave were joined by Lisa Vanderpump and Lisa Rinna for a kiki session. Of course, #puppygate was brought up. Last time I checked, a trip to the Bahamas does not erase your memory.

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Dorit continued, “Watching it back felt like two mean girls gossiping about me under my nose. I’m perplexed as to why Kyle asked Lisa V if she was still mad at me when Lisa V had done nothing but assure me that she wasn’t. Was Kyle digging for more or simply trying to keep the story’s flame ablaze? Yet, what hurt the most was how Kyle made light of the situation with an insensitive joke about me being allergic to dogs. Watching them talk behind my back and then act normal to my face felt catty and hurtful.” I know, right? Talking behind someone’s back is so gauche.

Dorit shared her thoughts on #condolencecardgate, which LVP addressed with Erika Jayne during lunch. “I could see how Erika would be blindsided at Lisa V’s mention that her handwritten note wasn’t enough. These days, not a lot of people make the effort to write a handwritten note, so I really felt bad for Erika, because I know she had best intentions.” When you care enough to send the very best, there’s Hallmark. When you don’t care very much at all, there’s Erika Jayne. Sorry, but that was the most generic condolence card I have ever seen. And she photographed it? Flights going to Petty Island are now boarding.

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Dorit also tackled the supper conversation, “This brings me to the dinner at Cleo — where do I even begin? I was very surprised to learn that John Sessa had brought Lucy out to show Kyle and Teddi at the center on camera while Lisa V was there.” Dorit feels she should have been privy to every action taken on the dog she gave away Lucy I guess?

She continued, “Hearing Lisa V say that John Blizzard should’ve never mentioned anything, despite him still being employed, means he went against her wishes. But did he really go against her wishes considering he’s still employed? What about John Sessa, Lisa’s faithful employee, who pranced Lucy out for Kyle and Teddi (and the world) to see?”

I must have been temporarily unconscious when he “pranced” the dog out. I don’t recall any high-stepping or pageantry involved. Is she bashing LVP for not terminating both Johns from Vanderpump Dogs?

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In her defense, LVP claimed she does not have control over what any of her staff says. Dorit disagreed with this, “When a matter so hurtful to your friend becomes public, you should have control over what your employee says, and there should certainly be consequences if they go against your wishes. Protecting someone after the damage is done isn’t protecting them at all.”

Omg, I almost can’t. Dorit wants protection from a debacle she created? Despite it all, Dorit remains adamant she was doing what was best for the dog. She claims, “The woman who wanted Lucy initially came at a time when PK [Kemsley] and I were contemplating giving her back to Lisa V’s center as she was becoming more and more aggressive with the kids. When the opportunity arose for Lucy to go to a beautiful home (which is ultimately the goal for rescue pets) rather than having to go back to the center and wait for someone to adopt her, we took it.”

If the dog was biting your kids, why not return her to Vanderpump Dogs that day? Ultimately the puppy was shuffled between two different homes and a “no-kill shelter” before being returned to Vanderpump Dogs.

Dorit wrote, “I was grateful for Lisa [Rinna] and Kyle consoling me at that moment as Lisa V didn’t seem concerned about me or my feelings or the repercussions that her actions would cause.” There it is, folks! We have all now been witness to LVP’s master plan. Forced a SECOND time to give up a dog her family adopted, Dorit blindly fell under Lisa’s spell. Knowing Dorit would ignore the signed contract, rules of adoption, and $5,000 penalty fee, LVP saw this as her chance to tarnish Dorit and PK’s sterling reputation

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Dorit concluded her blog by saying Lisa Rinna was right when she told LVP none of this would be public if, “you (LVP) didn’t want it out there.”

Dorit theorizes, “Lisa V may have counted on Kyle and Teddi (with whom I’ve had differences with in the past) to carry out her plan of either punishing me or simply trying to make me look bad.”

LVP used her dark sided powers again to coerce Kyle and Teddi into doing her evil bidding! By continuing to discuss hashtagpuppygate, it is following LVP’s disgusting plan to rescue dogs. The nerve!

Maybe Chanel has a hat you can buy so you are less susceptible to mind control, the ladies should check. The drama continues!


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