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Luann de Lesseps Says She Regrets Having Dorinda Medley Excluded From The Clam Bake

Can you believe that the Real Housewives of New York are in their eleventh season? Four weeks in, and the ladies are not disappointing. It is always great to catch up for the first few weeks and see what everyone has been up to. From Bethenny Frankel’s grief over the loss of Dennis Shields to Luann de Lesseps’ legal woes and second stint in rehab, the New York ladies are doing what they arguably do better than any other franchise-keeping it real, dramatic-and funny.

And that sometimes painful realness is extending to the continuing drama between former BFF’s Luann and Dorinda Medley. An ugly falling out in Cartagena followed by some obnoxious heckling (Jovani, Jovani, Jovani!) by Dorinda at Luann’s cabaret show have left the two at odds. Now, however, Luann is sharing that she might have been a little hasty in her part in having Dorinda excluded from the clam bake at Barbara Kavovit’s home.

In an interview with, Luann softened a bit in her stance on Dorinda’s clam bake invite. During filming, Luann made it very clear that she did not want Dorinda to attend the event without reaching out to her first, which resulted in Dorinda being persona non grata at the gathering. As she was having no part of reaching out-or apologizing. Now, Luann shares that, “In retrospect, I think it would’ve been a good idea to have Dorinda come.”

Would the two have made up at the clam bake-and would Luann have received an apology from Dorinda? We’ll never know. But, it could have happened. For viewers, it is probably best the two remained at odds as their falling out has been the main storyline of the season. You can only watch Ramona Singer awkwardly date and Sonja Morgan ramble through crumbling Morgan Gardens so often!

With time and distance from the situation, Luann seems regretful that Dorinda did not come to the party. She told, “I feel kind of bad about that. She is sincere, and I know that she does miss me. I felt the same way, but I was just still hurt. In retrospect, I wish I had more of an open mind to it.” Did I hear that right? The Countess admitted she can be a little judgmental? And that she has actual feelings?

Seeing Luann and Dorinda at odds is kind of sad. Dorinda was one of the few people who supported Luann in her train wreck marriage a few seasons back, for better or worse. And we all know it was “for worse.” The disagreeing duo seem to have a genuine-and not just-a-while-filming-affection for one another.

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Should Dorinda have been invited to the clam bake? It is hard to blame Barbara for protecting her friend Luann and doing what she thought was best for her. And we all know how Dorinda can be when she has had a few cocktails! Maybe it was best to address their falling out at a better time. Which we saw this week, with Bethenny playing the role of the awkward therapist. For now, Dorinda and Luann seem to be willing to call a tentative truce.

At least Dorinda was able to enjoy the lobster she missed at the clam bake. Fortunately for her, Ramona helped herself to enough lobsters to feed a professional football team. I am surprised she didn’t drive the pricey crustaceans off in Barbara’s car with an assortment of pool toys, electronics, and cutlery!

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