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Dorinda Medley Won’t Beg Luann de Lesseps For Her Friendship; Says Barbara Kavovit’s Take Is “Irrelevant”

If there’s one thing viewers can always count on with Dorinda Medley, it’s that she tells it like it is. What the Real Housewives of New York star can’t seem to do, however, is admit any wrongdoing. Even when it’s caught on camera, ahem…Jovani!

Her relationship with Luann de Lesseps unraveled last season during the nightmare cast trip to Columbia. A drunken Dorinda mocked Luann for her arrest, and Luann pretty much called her an alcoholic. Now this season, Dorinda wants to make amends. 

Dorinda and Luann have avoided each other so far. Until Sonya Morgan’s Paper Magazine cover party, that is. In her Bravo blog, Dorinda dished on her encounter with Luann. She said, ”To be honest, my goal that night was to come to congratulate Sonja and make some sort of connection with Luann without anyone interfering.”

The tension waiting to see what happened when Dorinda crossed over to Luann was akin to when the White Walkers approached Jon Snow in Game of Thrones. Dorinda, however, didn’t take it as dramatically as I did.

She said, “The encounter was awkward, to say the least, and I felt zero eye contact or affection from her, but that’s OK — I can just keep trying…I’m just hoping and praying as I said that if I hug her enough and love her enough, I’ll break through!” If the White Walkers can break through the wall, Dorinda can break through to Luann!

The ladies then met again at a “Gangster Lunch” held by Bethenny Frankel. Barbara Kavovit was also in attendance as Luann’s muscle. No one’s getting whacked on Barbara’s watch!

Dorinda said, “I’m not surprised Lu wouldn’t come unless her Gurkha soldier was attending, but who cares?” She continued, “This is between the two of us to solve now. Barbara’s take on this is irrelevant at this point to me.” 

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Regarding Luann, Dorinda stated, “What she did or I did is not of importance anymore, and quite frankly it now comes off as childish antics. So as I said at lunch, Lu, I love you. I want you as a friend, but I’m not going to beg.” Agreed, begging is definitely not a good look. 

Things didn’t go so well when Barbara visited Dorinda to discuss a possible kitchen renovation. She said, “I wanted to invite Barbara to my apartment to see if she could remember that we were actually good friends independently of others. I’m not sure she even has the ability to talk about anything with me other than her one-sided view of my relationship with Lu.”

Dorinda continued, “But alas, she is unable to talk or focus on anything else but her appointed job as both guard and mouthpiece. Barbara is not only disengaged from our friendship, she is insulting about my home. So simple — GET OUT! Great to see you, greater to see you go!”

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Barbara was not being unfair or one-sided. Dorinda just didn’t want to admit any fault, so she booted her out. I guess Dorinda won’t be getting a friend discount on her kitchen renovation anytime soon!


[Photo Credit: Bravo]