Sonja Morgan Calls Out Dorinda Medley For Bringing Documents About Luann de Lesseps’ Lawsuit To Lunch

Last week on the Real Housewives of New York, Luann de Lesseps and Dorinda Medley ended up in the same room, twice. That was progress (sort of) in their ongoing feud, which is the major storyline of Season 11. First, at Sonja Morgan’s Paper Magazine party where Dorinda told Luann she loved her, which was not-at-all convincing. So only Sonja was ready to kiss and make up. In this case a “drive-by lesbian moment” with a young stunning brunette.

Bethenny Frankel tried again with the duo at a gangsta lunch, which resulted in a truce. Barbara Kavovit was also there. Dorinda then invited Barbara to her apartment to discuss renovations and the feud. Dorinda used the opportunity to lie when she was asked if she’d been making fun of Luann’s lawsuit with her ex-husband and children. Thankfully, the editors rolled the tapes showing the receipts.  Dorinda blamed Sonja before bursting into tears and throwing Barbara out of her apartment.

Understandably, Sonja had some feelings about this, which she shared in her Bravo blog. She wrote, “I’m so glad that Bethenny brought everybody together for a gangsta lunch to get somewhere in the Dorinda/Luann feud. Just when Dorinda thought she was the only one dressed to the occasion, in walks Barbara looking like the Al Capone of the Upper East Side. Nobody was really copping to anything, and I don’t know of many gangster lunches that end in a truce.” 

I don’t know if anyone should be taking dating advice from Sonja, but she repeated what she said to Tinsley Mortimer and her mother, Dale Mercer. “We both want the best for [Tinsley],” Sonja said that they want “her to move on with her life. As I said, Scott [Kluth] should be chasing Tinsley, not the other way around. She has hundreds of men that would want to be with her if she could just treat herself with respect.”

Only in Sonja’s book are “hundreds of men” an indication of popularity.

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As for Dorinda blaming Sonja for bringing up Luann’s lawsuit, Sonja wrote, “Really? I was defending Luann saying no one knows a lawsuit from the face of it, and then she pulled out the 18 pages of papers on her phone. We aren’t the judge and jury.” 

When it comes to lawsuits, Sonja knows of what she speaks, since she settled a $7 million bankruptcy judgment in 2016 and a lengthy court battle with her ex-husband. 

Will Dorinda take accountability for exposing those documents? Probably not. She won’t even admit to heckling Luann during her cabaret show.

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[Photo: Bravo]