Tinsley Mortimer Wonders Why Barbara Kavovit Has No Loyalty To Dorinda Medley After Their Long History

Tinsley Mortimer has a way of avoiding conflict simply by being overshadowed by the other women on Real Housewives of New YorkSonja Morgan was the only gal who had a real issue with her.  And that stemmed from the fact that she was hosting Tinsley in her home for many months.  Luann de Lesseps and Dorinda Medley are the feuding ladies du jour.  Ramona Singer, Bethenny Frankel, and Barbara Kavovit are simply taking sides.

Anyone can see Tinsley is living her life in a suspended adolescence. So, maybe it doesn’t seem like a fair fight to involve her in anything.  But also, she doesn’t seek out conflict or show emotions in conflict situations.  Sure there’s the occasional screeching about frozen eggs, her dog Bambi, or a one Scott Kluth at the door, but does Tinsley have strong opinions about the group dynamics?  Why yes, actually.  Especially when it comes to defending Dorinda.

Tinsley starts her Bravo blog by taking it back to Cartagena where it started for Luann and Dorinda. In her opinion, “Luann can be a bit high-handed. Calling out Dorinda for breaking a glass in front of a ‘lady’ seemed a bit arrogant and clueless especially after she herself had recently been arrested in Palm Beach for assaulting a police officer.  I thought Dorinda’s response, ‘at least I didn’t get a mugshot,’ was an appropriate comeback to Luann’s pomposity.”

The next topic to address was Dorinda’s manners at Luann’s cabaretTinsley said, “she was reminding Luann that the contact for wearing Jovani dresses gratis was through her own efforts when she took Luann to Jovani to make selections for her first cabaret.  While I admit there was some heckling, I totally understand Dorinda’s motives.”

Tinsley is understandably sensitive when the press is involved.  She is sympathetic to Dorinda after Luann said Dorinda needed rehab.  Tinsley wrote, “why should a good friend compromise another’s reputation?  Of course, this didn’t make Dorinda feel that she was the one who owed an apology.”

But Tinsley also expressed understanding for Luann’s feelings.  She wrote about the Paper Magazine party where Bethenny tried to mediate a conversation between the two ladies.  Tinsley said, “her [Bethenny’s] efforts unfortunately, work given the overly-sensitive and righteous feelings of both Dorinda and Luann.  Who knows if these two will ever be close again?”

Of course, the real excitement at the party was Sonja’s make out sessionTinsley wrote, “I almost fainted when I saw Sonja making out with that girl.  Sonja is just that free spirit who likes to have fun, and BTW, I have heard she really is a good kisser.  Personally, everything she does is hysterical to me.”

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Sonja is also really good at teaming up with Tinsley’s mom, Dale, when both ladies suggest that Tinsley reassess her relationship with Scott.  Tinsley’s responded to the latest intervention from her mom saying, “she thought I should be finished with him and move on.  I understand her concern.  She doesn’t want me wasting a second at 43 years old with a man who isn’t ready to marry and start a family.  I know Scott loves and is committed to me, and we will work out the logistical problems in our relationship that always seem to defeat us.”

Barbara may be a new addition to the cast, but she does have a history with Luann.  Barbara is her biggest supporter, and it certainly frustrated DorindaTinsley reacted to the meeting in Dorinda’s apartment.  She is surprised that “a friend and a contractor would basically insult Dorinda’s well-loved New York habit.”

Now, it’s unlikely that Barbara will return as a friend or contractor. Tinsley wrote, “Barbara appears to have deaf ears to anything Dorinda says about her friendship with Luann.  Didn’t Dorinda compassionately help you when Luann turned on you after your comment was overheard at the charity party?  Where is the loyalty?”

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