Kyle Richards Discusses Her Fight With Lisa Vanderpump

I think we can all agree that Tuesday night’s episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was a doozy. Before the season even aired there were reports of the falling out between Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards.

We also saw glimpses of the fiery episode with Kyle and Lisa yelling at each other.  This past Tuesday we finally witnessed the entire train wreck. And boy it was one for the records.  

According to her blog on BravoKyle claims the fight with Lisa is “up there with some of the most difficult moments [she’s] had in these past nine years [on the show]”  Possibly very true.  I can’t remember any other time she’s tried to waltz into a situation with such an air of self-righteousness only to be thrown out.

First, Kyle talks about the Cycle House benefit which Teddi Mellencamp-Arroyave had decided to throw in better times. And Teddi went ahead with the fundraiser despite the problems she is having with Lisa.  Lisa, meanwhile, was not at the event because she was celebrating at Vanderpump Dogs the passing of House Resolution 401. Though Kyle felt the celebration should have occurred at the Cycle House event instead of somewhere else.  Kyle also felt Lisa should have been a little more grateful to the women who “[took] time out of their lives to raise money for Lisa’s foundation.”

Then came lunch.  The women gathered around their salads and launched their attack against Lisa. Of course, poor Kyle was caught in the middle when the women turned to her.

She wrote, if “I thought Lisa was capable of having this story leaked.” She struggled with whether or not she should tell the truth.  And apparently, the truth won. After all, she is “not a liar.” And was not about to lie to a group of women she considered friends. “If they weren’t my friends, maybe I could have taken a different stance,” she wrote, “But they are, and I could not lie to them.”

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Now, don’t start hating on Kyle because she “took the difficult route by saying what [she] honestly felt, all the while knowing [Lisa] would be angry that [Kyle] didn’t blindly defend her.”  Wow, martyr thy name is Kyle. You say “blindly defend,” I say how about you try to just be a good friend.

Kyle, hit by the realization she just threw LVP to the wolves, decided to head straight to her good friend to “be up front with her about the conversation that had taken place.” The thing I remember most of the upcoming scene was Lisa beaming as she let her friend into her home. She should have kept that door locked and let the swan do its thing.

Kyle felt as though Lisa “knew what I wanted to talk about,” and as soon as she started talking about what happened at lunch “Lisa and Ken [Todd] went from zero to 100.” Which surprised Kyle. “This is not the first time this topic has come up over the years,” she explained, “and it has never been met with this sort of reaction.” Hmmm, maybe Lisa reacted the way she did because she has been through a lot lately with her brother passing away. And so far this season she has had to defend herself against Teddi and Dorit Kemsley’s attacks.

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All Kyle wanted to do was have a calm conversation with Lisa about how she stabbed her in the back . “I tried to explain…that even though I felt what I felt and said what I said, I do care about her,” Kyle wrote, “and that I thought I WAS being a friend by telling her about the conversation.”  It all came down to losing the respect of a table of harpies or having Lisa mad at her.

Kyle is still struggling with how things went down.  Kyle wishes they “sat down as two friends and talked it out, even if we ended up agreeing to disagree.”  Kyle feels that this is no longer about the dog, but about trust. And Kyle, you just blew that trust right out of the water.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]