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Sonja Morgan Explains Going Berserk In The Berkshires: “It’s The Only Way To Handle It”

The cast of the Real Housewives of New York has departed the Hamptons for Dorinda Medley’s Blue Stone Manor in the Berkshires. Dorinda really did try and make it nice. That included a field trip to a historic Morgan House for Sonja Morgan’s sake where Dorinda casually touched some of the artifacts much to Sonja’s dismay.

Sonja still regrets the end of her dynastic marriage. So after they return to the lesser manor, she starts drinking like she’s making up for Luann de Lesseps.  Drunk Sonja greets newcomer and latecomer Barbara Kavovit outside where in addition to insulting Dorinda’s apartment, Barbara hates on the fish room before setting foot inside. It’s not a great look on a houseguest. Or a new cast member.

Sonja returned to the topic in her Bravo blog.  “I can’t believe that Barbara is trying to throw ME under the bus with this Bethenny [Frankel] and Luann fight over B getting the best room. I’m the only one who has Barbara’s back! When Bethenny arrived, I was holding Barbara’s hand on the outside of the house looking in while the other girls said she doesn’t fit in and dressed pretty rough around the edges.”

Later on in the episode, Sonja starts weeping at dinner and clutches Ramona Singer’s dog Coco to her chest like a furry bra. “I needed to go berserk in the Berserkshires!” Sonja wrote. 

Sonja insisted, “It’s the only way to handle it. Of course, I had Coco as my trusty sidekick the whole time. I don’t know why everybody was freaking out and saying, ‘Put down the dog, put down the dog!’ They were basically saying put the dog down and nobody gets hurt! I felt I was going to get decked if I didn’t. Geez. Party poopers.”

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Sonja explained why the visit to the Morgan estate was so triggering. “As you can tell from my reaction, it is NOT okay to touch the historic Morgan family letters. They need to be protected behind plexiglass. This is why I needed to move out of the townhouse. Maintaining antiques and historic artifacts becomes stressful.” I love how this woman drunkenly unravels and never apologizes! 

“I need to be just Sonja again–the person that shows up to meetings, raises money for charities, and goes back to her separate private life. I’m the mom to the Morgan family heir, but she’s off to college soon, so my job of maintaining the stability of her childhood home is done.” Thus, the instability Sonja freely offers during the last episode. 

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Sonja continues, “It’s my time now. I’m enjoying the free time to flex my creative muscles again with my fashion collection. In addition to my Signature Collection, Sonja Morgan New York, I now also have my ready-to-wear Sonja by Sonja Morgan, my Sonja Morgan shoe collection, and my recently released unisex Eau de Parfum.” I was still hoping for a Sonja Morgan toaster oven collection, but I’m glad to see she’s been busy with other ventures. 


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