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Sonja Morgan Thinks Ramona Singer Instigated Luan de Lesseps Fight About The Fish Room

It would make sense to assume that getting arrested and going to rehab (twice) would humble Luann de Lesseps. Unfortunately, that’s not what happened. She’s a cabaret star now. And she’s let the Jovani gowns inflate her already-massive ego.

She asked Dorinda Medley to arrange yoga classes during their visit to the Berkshires as if Dorinda is running some sort of resort. Maybe Lu just missed the group meditation at rehab? Not only that, but Lu also asked Dorinda to book massages. Why didn’t she just stay at a hotel instead? And then, after demanding all of those requests Luann stormed out because of her room assignment. Looking back on the (absurdly dumb) fight, Sonja Morgan blames Ramona Singer for instigating.

Why does anyone care about which room they sleep in? They’re in a well-maintained mansion. None of the rooms are actually bad. Then again, that’s what Housewives do.

Before getting into the room debacle, Sonja discussed the rest of the episode in her Bravo blog. Sonja wrote, “I’m taking a back seat here, because I’ve already mothered Tinsley [Mortimer] enough when she lived with me at the townhouse and that scared her out the door. Let the other girls put their two cents in, because it took them a couple years to see what I already knew.”

Now, we just have to see if Tinsley actually takes them up on their relationship advice. Tinsley and Scott Kluth are constantly breaking up and making up. Who knows where they truly stand? At this point, she should just take those frozen eggs and start a family on her own.

Sonja clarified, “That’s all I meant when I said she needed to build herself back up before she started dating again. She was so fragile.”

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Sonja echoed the ladies’ sentiments when she declared, “I’m Team Tinz, and she deserves better.” Then she wrote, “Who shows you a ring but doesn’t give you one??? My ex took me to the jeweler, we chose the stone, and then we put it in a setting of my choice. Walk the talk and bullsh– walks. Clearly, she needs to value herself more so others will.” Let’s hope she does. Why bother dating some noncommital guy in another state? Thank u, next.

Then Sonja addressed the fish room drama. She began, “Of course, once again there’s drama over rooms with this group. It’s a beautiful room, but nobody wants to sleep with the fishes.” Why not? Don’t they have better things to fight about? This is so dumb.

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Sonja recalled, “So when Lu brought it up, we were all laughing like hyenas. That pissed off the cabaret queen. Ramona soooooo teed this fight up by bringing up Bethenny [Frankel] having the best room, and Lu went for it hook, line, and sinker.” Of course, she did. This is the same person who wanted the best room in Vermont just because she was a newlywed, which again, is not a reason.

In conclusion, Sonja teased, “Wait ’til next week to see where this goes. Just when Dorinda tried to make it nice for Luann!” Dorinda actually has been very nice. She still refuses to apologize for anything she’s done wrong, but she has been generous. That counts for something, right?

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