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Vicki Gunvalson Suing Ex-Boyfriend Brooks Ayers For Unpaid Loans & Fraud

Oh this is RICH, pun intended. Remember when Real Housewives of Orange County’s Vicki Gunvalson was hooking up with grifter Brooks Ayers? How could you forget? Their sordid co-dependency cost Vicki friends, damaged her relationship with daughter Briana Culberson and put a huge dent in her reputation. But you know Vicki, she gotta have a man and that DISGUSTING LIAR Brooks guy was one for the record books.

Vicki was single for 5 whole minutes after her association with Brooks McCancerscammer ended when she eventually moved on with Steve Lodge. Apparently, Steve is still hanging in there. Bless his heart. But Bravo is bringing down the hammer and forcing hoping an on-camera engagement will take place to secure Vicki’s continued spot on the show. In the interim, Vicki and her insurance company have recently been accused of defrauding an elderly woman after her spouse passed away. Hello Vicki? Yes, I have Karma on line one for you – and Karma is happy to hold until you take the call…

Now Vicki is on the other side with a lawsuit of her own, and all I can say is – good luck with this one, dear.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right? Nope! Vicki recently filed a lawsuit against Brooks for roughly $266k in unpaid loans. Hang on for a quick second. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Forgive me, I had a moment. In documents obtained by Page Six, the OG of the OC filed papers in Clark County, Nevada and put Brooks on the hook for money she “loaned” him beginning in 2011.

Because Vicki lives in California and Brooks resides in Mississippi (with his new wife), the suit was filed in Vegas because of meetings and discussions that were held in that city. In the papers, Vicki states she began paying Brooks to stay with her loaning money to her former love in 2011. On February 18, 2016, they entered into a written agreement. In the document, Brooks agreed to pay back $184,899 and “provide an accounting of all sums paid to him in various income streams.” Vicki claims Brooks never paid back the loan.

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SHOCKING! Basically, a dude who falsified papers from a hospital to continue his lie of having the cancer did not pay back loans. The same guy who probably takes hot showers to practice burning in Hell did not give poor Vicki her money back. Maybe he could send her a casserole and call it a day.

Vicki also claims she paid for Brooks’ legal fees for their 2013 lawsuit based in Nevada. Pro-tip, if you have to buy your man teeth, don’t go into business with him. Per the documents, Vicki claims they “entered into a verbal agreement wherein Ayers borrowed $81,652.97 from Gunvalson” to pay for his lawyers. But he never paid that loan back either. I. Am. Stunned.

Vicki is suing Brooks for fraud as well. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I apologize, another moment crept up on me. She said Brooks “intentionally represented to [her] that he would promptly repay the funds borrowed from [her], when in fact, [he] had no intention of ever repaying either of the loans.”

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I can sum this whole thing up in one word, DUH!

Vicki and Brooks lied together for five years had a five-year relationship of ups and downs. Vicki continues to play her role as the victim of a man who EVERYBODY called out but Vicki herself. When contacted by Page Six, Brooks said he had no comment and has not been served with papers pertaining to this lawsuit. You can’t see me, but I’m wearing my surprised face.

Oh hey, I have an idea, maybe Vicki and Crooks could somehow make what they did right by taking the alleged owed money of $266k and donating it to various cancer organizations throughout the United States.

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Otherwise Vicki, Karma is still holding for you, so go ahead and pick up.


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]