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Dorinda Medley Says Sonja Morgan’s “Complete Meltdown” Was Scary

Dorinda Medley tried to make Bluestone Manor scary but “nice” for Halloween on the Real Housewives of New York.  That ranged from peeping vampires, a Morgan mansion tour and a naked chef. Much to Dorinda’s annoyance, her costars thought sleeping in the fish room was the scariest thing about the manor.  

The room assignment passed around like a hot potato. Ultimately, newcomer Barbara Kavovit was left holding it.  The second scariest part was Sonja Morgan’s drunken meltdown at dinner, which was provoked by Dorinda manhandling some Morgan artifacts during their visit to Ventfort Hall.

 In her Bravo blog, Dorinda addressed the lest episode. The fish room situation was “over the top, ridiculous, and extremely rude,” Dorinda wrote. “This so-called aversion to staying there has nothing to do with what happened last year in the room. It has to do with power.”  I suppose the power to be “over the top, ridiculous and rude” are job qualifications for a Real Housewives, so I’m listening…

Dorinda points out that neither Ramona Singer’s or Luann de Lesseps’ houses are to her taste. “…But I was raised with more manners and would never say anything rude, mean, or tasteless as these girls did.” So Dorinda will continue to “make it nice.”

Dorinda said she planned the outing to Ventfort Hall as a way of connecting with Sonja and “putting our past differences behind us.” That included a fight involving Dorinda’s disapproval over Sonja’s use of the Morgan family crest, so it was a nice thought.  But Dorinda should not have touched those letters! 

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Later that night, a drunken Sonja sobbed, “You don’t touch the f***ing Morgan letters!”  Dorinda called this  “complete meltdown” a little scary. Particularly “since they weren’t even real letters,” Dorinda wrote.

They weren’t even real letters? That’s even funnier than Ramona saying that one of Dorinda’s ghoulish decorations looked like Bethenny Frankel crying!

She added,”I think it was more about the emotions with the visit and of course a few cocktails than it was about anything else.”

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