Tinsley Mortimer

The Real Housewives Of New York Return To The Berkshires Tonight

If you thought Blue Stone Manor and the annual Real Housewives Of New York trip to the Berkshires (aka The Berzerkshires) was scary when decorated with 300,000 Santas, imagine it on Halloween! That’s right. The Real Housewives Of New York are choosing All Hallows Eve to haunt its already haunted halls. Does a haunting on top of a haunting make a house ghost-free? Like two wrongs make a right?

Whatever – I’m excited. I mean, the preview had Ramona Singer commenting that one of Dorinda Medley‘s growling zombie decorations “looks like Bethenny crying,” so you know this is gonna be amazing. 

But before the Berkshires, the Real Housewives Of New York are horrors in NYC proper. After being ostracized from the socialite scene after her divorce, and arrest Tinsley Mortimer stages a return by hosting a fashion show for dogs. Unfortunately she invites Ramona and Sonja Morgan, who probably ruin all Tinsley’s plans with their antics!

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Following the event, a celebratory lunch on a yacht (really, who thought yachts were a good idea!) turns into another interrogation of Tinsley’s relationship with Scott Kluth. You guuuuyyyyyzzzzzzzzssss Leave Tinsley alone. WAAAAH.

Bethenny Frankel turns to a grief counselor for help processing Dennis Shields‘ death. Meanwhile, Dorinda travels to the Berkshires early to decorate Blue Stone Manor for Halloween. Which means every Michael’s Craft Stores in the region was officially sold out of  witches, y’all!

However, the biggest witch of all is Luann de Lesseps, who rides in on her broom, and throws a fit over rooms. Cabaret stars deserve the best view, girls – for the inspiration!

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]