Tinsley Mortimer Says She Has “Never Seen This Degree Of Arrogance” In Luann de Lesseps

Tinsley Mortimer is one of those Housewives who tends to fly under the radar. The Real Housewives of New York star generally doesn’t stir up a lot of drama and for the most part she is not really the target of the other ladies. Sometimes, you get the sense that she is holding back the real Tinsley. Who is this elegant socialite that appears to have it all, but also seems to have more depth than would appear on the surface?

We know that Tinsley lives in a hotel, loves lacey dresses and was once the star socialite of the New York City society world. She has also shared her sometimes difficult past, including an arrest and a divorce, as well as her longing for a baby. This week we learned more about Tinsley’s father, his drinking and his sad accidental death. Tinsley admits to having unresolved feelings about her father and none other than the Countess Luann de Lesseps played counselor to her.

In her Bravo blog this week, Tinsley discusses her conflicted feelings about the regal Countess Luann. Tinsley shares, “Luann’s weird entitlement issues don’t appear to be over. Though I have known her for years and know she enjoys the “Countess” thing, I’ve really never seen this degree of arrogance. She seems unable to focus on anything other than herself and her needs.”

Umhhh…Tinsley, have you watched past seasons of the show before you were on it? Luann has always been entitled, demanding and just a tad bit arrogant. However, I do agree with Tinsley’s view that Luann is on Defcon Level 1 arrogance this season. Demanding, short-tempered and humorless. And Luann’s sense of humor has often been her saving grace-especially for viewers. Possibly, what we are seeing is a Luann just out of rehab, who is hyper-focused on her own needs, is trying to stay sober and does not have much else left to offer to others. Which is understandable.

Luann might be entitled and arrogant, but Tinsley is also appreciative of the support she shows towards her. Tinsley goes on to say about Luann, “I have to say, though, she really surprised me with her wisdom and kindness when I shared my feelings about my dad. I feel so guilty feeling anger towards my father, but it’s because he was the MOST fabulous dad anyone could have.”

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In this week’s episode, Luann recommended that Tinsley attend an Al-Anon meeting for support and even offered to go to a meeting with her. Luann might not always have the most personal  self-awareness, but she is often intuitive about others and can be supportive when the occasion calls for it.

Tinsley goes on to reveal more about her father in her blog declaring, “I never saw him drunk. It was after he and my mom divorced and he decided to spend most of his time in Palm Beach that he fell into the routine of parties every night. No one really works there, and it’s so easy to start bad habits. I miss my dad.” Very sad.

Hopefully, Tinsley can find some way to work through the painful feelings she has about her father.

While Tinsley might be on the road to working through some of her family issues, it is clear that the subject of her on-again, off-again relationship with Scott Kluth is still a sensitive topic. During the game of Truth or Dare at Bethenny Frankel’s dinner party, Tinsley chose a dare and that dare was to call Scott. What started out as an innocent bit of fun turned into something much darker. Tinsley suddenly became very emotional and shared with the ladies-and the viewers-the strange dynamics of her relationship with Scott.

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Tinsley states in her blog, “Luann was right. Why didn’t I take the truth instead of the dare when Bethenny posed that question? It would have been so much easier. Though I love Scott, dealing with his issues of privacy is difficult. Perhaps I do appear to “walk on eggshells around him,” and I am confused by his constant breakups out of the blue.”

Let’s hope that Tinsley read her blog before she sent it off to Bravo. And thought about what she wrote. “Walking on eggshells” around someone and “constant breakups out of the blue” doesn’t sound healthy. Or like very much fun. A troubled, long distance relationship in which someone dumps you at random also doesn’t seem like a very likely path to the marriage and family Tinsley wants.

Tinsley goes on to reveal, “Calling him and putting him on blast in front of a bunch of hyenas giggling in the background would most decidedly NOT be a good idea! I would rather lose this ridiculous game of Truth or Dare than lose Scott. I have to figure a way to put this puzzle together successfully or I’m afraid this relationship is over.” Note to Tinsley-if you have to work that hard to keep a relationship together, it might be time determine if that complicated puzzle is missing pieces, will never be complete and should be tossed in the recycling bin.

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You have to wonder-with all the drama about Tinsley’s Truth or Dare challenge, maybe she would have been better off to just kiss Barbara Kavovit and call it a day. Everyone would have been happy-Tinsley, the giggling hyenas-Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan more specifically-and likely Barbara herself!


[Photo Credit: Bravo]