Lala Kent Is Six Months Sober And “Feeling Blessed”

Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent has been all over the map this season. Her emotions have been spinning wildly, and not even a swig from her baby bottle can help Lala calm down. Our favorite SUR hostess has been in a dark place since the death of her beloved father.

Lala melted down in spectacular fashion at SUR, after Raquel Leviss mentioned Lala’s father. Lala raged at Raquel and Billie Lee. She also saved some choice insults for former friend James Kennedy and let him know how lucky he is to have hooked up with her. Sigh. Best of all, Lala was sporting a dress suspiciously like the green Versace that Jennifer Lopez wore to the Grammys– only not as cool.

Later, Lala courageously admitted that she is an alcoholic. Pump Rules fans knew that Lala was “pumping the brakes” (pun intended!) on her drinking this season, like during the girls’ trip to Solvang. She told her co-stars that she and her fiancé, Randall Emmett, had made a pact to stop drinking. No one realized how serious Lala’s drinking had become.

An article in People from March 18, 2019, quoted Lala’s Instagram Story videos, which finally revealed the truth to her fans. “I always say if you don’t have to be sober, I wouldn’t recommend it, but me — as someone who does need to be sober — being in my right frame of mind every single day is truly incredible,” Lala said. “When I’m having the roughest day that I could possibly have, I — for once in a very, very long time — see the light at the end of the tunnel. I know that tomorrow I’m gonna be okay.”

Lala also credited Alcoholics Anonymous with saving her life. In an article in Page Six, the fledgling actress admitted, “I swear by the program of AA. I know that old-timers will hate me for talking about the program because of it being an anonymous program. But there is a generation, my generation, that’s struggling and they need to know about this program. It exists and it’s saving my life.”

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And now, Lala is sharing some exciting news. She has reached the six-month mark in her sobriety journey. “It’s been a couple of days full of mile stones. Yesterday we got to celebrate Easter and the life of my sweet dad. Today, I celebrate 6 months of sobriety. I know I talk about this often, but y’all… I still cant believe it,” Lala posted on Instagram.

And Lala being Lala, some of the grammar is a bit rough. “I feel the need to share my story because I know I’m not the only one out there suffering from this. It’s not an easy path I’ve chosen, but I chose it because it was between one thing, and my life. I take it one day at a time,” Lala wrote. “On top of all the miles stones, today I will fly with my mama to meet up with my fiancé, & see the place that I will marry the love of my life. I’m feeling blessed,” she concluded.

I think it is brave that Lala is sharing her struggle with alcohol addiction. It is amazing that she has recognized this issue on her own and initiated this major life change. Congratulations, and keep being you, Lala!

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]