Sonja Morgan Discusses Whether Or Not She Would Ever Date A Woman

What would the Real Housewives of New York be without Sonja Morgan? No matter how rough the going gets between the ladies, Sonja is always ready with a little comedy, a little drama, and a little stirring of the pot. This season, we have witnessed Sonja have a booze-fueled Morgan Memories breakdown at Blue Stone Manor and also steal the show from Tinsley Mortimer at the Big Apple Circus. Sonja was even feted as the cover girl at a Paper Magazine party.

And it was at that same party that something a little unusual happened. OK-lets be honest-Sonja and practically everything about her is a “little unusual”-but at the party, a seemingly random woman came up and kissed her-passionately. And Sonja didn’t really seem to mind. A bit. Was this some overly enthusiastic fan? An attention-getting set-up by Ms. Morgan? We’ll probably never know. But we are now getting more of the details on Sonja’s real views about dipping into the lady pond. And they might surprise you.

In an exclusive interview with RadarOnline, Sonja shared her thoughts on the possibility of dating a woman. Sonja dished, “I would never say never, but at this point in my life I know what I like. I definitely like being with a man long term. But sometimes in a flighting moment when I am at a party and having a drink, I like to kiss my girlfriends to let them know that I love them.”

Sonja has never been shy about letting her girlfriends know that she loves them. Especially when a little-or a lot-of alcohol has been involved. When we want to show a friend that we love them, most of us just tell them so. Or maybe give them a card. Sonja sometimes likes to make out with them. Especially with Bethenny Frankel. But, we all express our love in different ways!

Although Sonja might prefer men in the long term, she does feel she has a civic duty to share her charms. Sonja revealed, “Occasionally some girl I may not know wants to run up and kiss me. Why should I deprive a woman of that pleasure?” I think it is admirable that Sonja’s charity doesn’t stop at society luncheons or check writing. Sonja puts her money where-well-where her mouth is! Why should she deny anyone a sip of a frothy lemon-lime Sonjarita?

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But what is Sonja searching for in the long term? Sonja told Radar she would “like a soulmate, but they don’t grow on trees!” And she also admitted, “If I date a man, he has to be a man. He has to know how to put the batteries in a remote control and change a lightbulb. He has to, you know, fix the sprinklers when they break.” With the sad state of Morgan Gardens, Sonja should probably be dating an architect, a contractor, a city permit official and 12 construction workers!

The likes of Harry Dubin or a Mario Singer-ish New Yorker probably won’t meet Sonja’s stringent dating qualifications. Sonja has dated older, younger-OK-much younger-and everything in-between. You have to wonder if Sonja is serious about settling down. Or if she would ever be willing to give up her cherished title as the former Mrs. Morgan.

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Besides, I always pictured Sonja growing old with Ramona Singer in a crumbling Southhampton house. Like Big Edie and Little Edie.  Maybe they could even invite Barbara Kavovit to room with them. Builder Barb could surely change a lightbulb and is probably able to put batteries in a remote. And at least Sonja would have someone to kiss after a few cocktails!


[Photo Credit: Bravo]