THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW YORK CITY -- Pictured: (l-r) Sonja Morgan, Tinsley Mortimer -- (Photo by: Heidi Gutman/Bravo)

Sonja Morgan Thinks Tinsley Mortimer Needs To Work On Dynamic With Her Mom Dale Mercer

Real Housewives of New York Season 11 has had a lot of Tinsley Mortimer-focused storylines. No one saw that coming. However, Tinsley’s mom Dale Mercer is doing whatever she can to be on this season be there for her daughter. Dale has come up to New York City to “get her hair done” several times season.

She even has her own on-camera interviews. No one else’s relatives get that kind of shine on this show. At this point, it’s safe to expect a Dale appearance during the reunion. However, things just got very heavy during the last episode of RHONY. Dale shaded Tinsley whenever possible. To add insult to injury, she complimented Sonja Morgan a million times over. It all culminated in a tear-filled conversation at the end of the episode when Tinsley cried about her breakup with Scott Kluth. Meanwhile, Dale was less than warm in response.

Sonja reflected on Tinsley’s ups and downs in a Bravo blog post. Sonja began, “How great is it to see Tinsley taking control of her life and being right back where she belongs? She’s so great at pulling a crowd together. Even if Ramona [Singer] won’t stick around for it…”

Does Ramona just stay at these events until she fulfills her contractual obligations? It seems like she always has a date. Why is she dating so many people who refuse to film for this show? Is she really going on dates? Or is she just peacing out for some camera-free relaxation?

Sonja simultaneously complimented and insulted Tinsley when she wrote, “Tinsley’s outfit at the Big Apple Circus was everything we tell her NOT to wear, and it’s PERFECT. It was delightful.” Thanks? I guess.

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Then, Sonja admitted, “I wanted to kill Dale for bringing up Scott. We had a pact not to do that.” Is Dale just trying to nab an apple in the opening credits?

Sonja continued, “I agree with Dale. Tinsley never felt secure with Scott. I want her happy and to feel like herself again. To see her laughing and so genuinely happy at the Big Apple Circus makes my heart sing. This is Tinsley in her element. Putting people together and working on her charity. That’s her sweet spot. Literally. She is the master of the ceremony and kudos to her.” Aaaaw, that’s actually so sweet.

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Even though Tinsley was in her element, that hosting gig was very short-lived. Her part was a minute tops. As Dale pointed out, Sonja’s impromptu performance was way longer and way better. Oh, Dale. Sonja wrote, “I never could have expected to be pulled out of the audience like that. However, after hanging around these girls all these years, I feel right at home with a bunch of clowns!”

However, the episode wasn’t all fun. Sonja said, “Tinsley is still clearly working through it. It breaks my heart to see her right back where she started. I really thought that she’d be in a much better place after moving into the townhouse with me two years ago. I think when things settle down,” Let’s hope so. Tinsley’s break down was tough to watch.

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Ultimately, Sonja kept it very real when she declared, “Tinsley needs to have a heart to heart with her mom about their dynamic and how it affects her relationships. When she works through it we’re all here ready to support her.” Seriously. As entertaining as Dale’s shade can be, it does seem to go too far… especially when Tinsley was already crying.


[Photo Credit: Heidi Gutman/Bravo]