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Erika Jayne Talks About Having Two Personas-And One Husband Who Doesn’t Appear On Camera Very Often

Erika Jayne has been able to pull off something of a Housewife miracle. Now in her fourth season on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Erika has managed, for the most part, to keep her personal life private. Most other ladies will share anything to get screen time-like the always attention seeking Lisa Rinna. And this season’s Queen of the Overshare, newbie Denise Richards, who has revealed more about her sex life then we would ever want to know!

Erika, however, keeps things much closer to the vest. An occasional cameo with hubby Tom Girardi here, a comment about her son there-is about all we get from her on the show. Sure, Erika slips once in a while and reminds us that she has a Disney villainess epic temper-and a very fragile ego. And she loves to promote her concert tours with endless rehearsal scenes. But, I keep asking myself, who is this woman? What do we really know about her?

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Erika gave fans a bit more insight about herself. She started out by admitting that viewers might be confused by her two personas-Erika Jayne and Erika Girardi. Erika shared, “Yeah, I don’t think that [some viewers] quite understand that they are one.”

I think most of us do understand that Erika has two identities that make up one person-it is just hard to find either one relatable-or likeable sometimes! Although this season, Erika’s likeability factor has gone up dramatically in comparison to shady co-stars Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave and Kyle Richards. And the delightfully epic return of evil Season 1 Camille Grammer. Who, by the way, kept her maliciousness hidden season after season ala Erika Jayne!

One aspect of Erika’s life she is very willing to share is her music career and tour rehearsals. Erika says, “That’s what’s happening in my life. My performance life, it is my life. That is my home life…That is my job.” You are being a little forgetful Erika-your life also includes purchasing lots of clothing that might be better left on the racks at the local designer outlet mall. And what about the husband Erika?

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Tom’s name has been everywhere lately-except on the show. The $15 million lawsuit against Mr. Girardi and his law firm for allegedly failing to repay a business loan has been in the press for months. But Erika doesn’t think it would make for riveting television. She explains, “You can’t show those things on television, simple as that. You can’t show legal issues on TV. You can show trials. We’re not in trial!”

Erika-don’t you think you should let viewers be the judge of what they want to see? I would trade one scene of you rehearsing for your tour-OK, every scene-for a little legal dirt! However, it doesn’t sound like that will ever happen. Regarding Tom’s appearances on the show, Erika states, “Tom is a lawyer. He has his own firm, he has his own clients and so, that is his first responsibility.”

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Being the wife of an attorney might not be Erika’s idea of good television, but she seems very open to another aspect of her life getting more screen time. Regarding a possible show about her Pretty Mess Krewe (her glam squad), Erika declares, “You know I’d say yes! I say yes to everything, cause so many great things are happening in my life.”

Would viewers say yes to such a show? Erika seems to think so. She asserts, “[This team] is an untapped gem. It really is. Note, whoever’s watching…I would put that out in the universe, ’cause it’s a life that I think a viewer would really find interesting and all the working dynamics into it.”

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Is Erika right? Would there really be an audience for a Pretty Mess Krewe show? Possibly. Personally, I would rather be forced to watch “The Lisa Rinna Comedy Hour,” but that’s just me. To be honest, I am surprised the show isn’t already on Bravo’s schedule!


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