Real Housewives Of New York Star Luann de Lesseps Strikes New Plea Deal After Being Ordered Back Into Custody

Money can’t buy you class, and it also can’t buy you sobriety. Hard lessons learned for Real Housewives of New York cabaret STAH, Luann de Lesseps. Luann has seen some uncountess-like trouble, coming after a tumultuous relationship with ex-husband, Tom D’Agostino. Luann’s problems ramped up after she didn’t have a merry little Christmas in December 2017. She was arrested on Christmas Eve in Palm Beach on multiple charges including, disorderly intoxication, battery on a police officer, and resisting arrest with violence.

Since that unfortunate event, Luann found herself in rehab. She was also named in a lawsuit, brought on by her children. She cites this event as the reason she fell off the wagon and went to rehab for a second time. After several chances to redeem herself, Luann claims her adventures in cabaret is what ultimately saved her life. Unfortunately, after you go to jail for being drunk and refuse to comply with the judges orders to stay sober, you might find yourself back in the pokey.

It has not been a great day for Luann. But it has been a very lucky day. This morning, the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office ordered Lu back into custody for violating her probation. In an article from Us Weekly, we learn Luann has struck a new plea deal and was consequently released.

She claims, “These reports are false. I’m glad the judge was understanding once made aware of the evidence provided and I was then released.” Another hopeful break for the former countess, cabaret apparently can’t save her from herself.

Luann goes on to say, “I am now looking forward to completing my remaining few months of probation. I want to put this behind me and move forward with my life.”

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Court documents show Lu must now have a regimented schedule to stay clean. She must have “weekly telephone counseling sessions” and “monthly in-person sessions” with her treating psychiatrist.

But it doesn’t end there… Luann must now have a “breathalyzer monitoring device” as directed by her probation officer. She will also take Antabuse, an alcoholism medication, as prescribed by her doctor. Sounds like they mean business. I certainly hope she can adhere to these requests and stay on the right side of the law this time. She previously failed an alcohol test in April, which wound her back in court. Paperwork showed Luann copped (no pun intended) to having “2 glasses of mimosas after a performance she had in Chicago”.

Due to her hectic life in the show biz lane, Lu chose not to enroll in outpatient treatment. This might have been a mistake. It looks like Luann gets one more chance to stay on the straight and narrow, if she violates probation again she will have to return to Palm Beach County court. In March, Luann stated she takes her sobriety journey “day by day”.

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“I do the best that I can do,” she said. “I get on the stage and that keeps me busy and it keeps me focused on my cabaret, and I get to put my creative energy into that and it keeps me out of trouble. I’m just doing yoga and taking care of myself and hanging out with less people that are prone to partying.” Um, don’t people generally drink and party at a cabaret performance? I don’t find myself at many events of this nature, but judging from what we see on RHONY, it seems maybe it isn’t the best environment.

Well, good luck, Luann. She was very fortunate on this one, hopefully, she can find her happy in cabaret and sobriety.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]