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Luann de Lesseps’ Co-Stars Are Sick Of Her Behavior; They Say “She Treats Us Like Fans”

Real Housewives of New York’s Luann de Lesseps has been in all sorts of trouble since her divorce from Tom D’Agostino. Luann was arrested in Palm Beach on Christmas Eve in 2017. She was charged with trespassing in a hotel room, disorderly intoxication, resisting arrest with violence, and other charges.

To add to her legal issues, Luann was sued by her ex-husband Count Alexandre de Lesseps and her two children. Luann was supposed to put half of the funds from the sale of the family’s home in Bridgehampton into a trust for her two kids. She didn’t. In April of 2019, the suit was dropped. Barbara Kavovit and “OG” Bethenny Frankel took part in an intervention that resulted in Luann returning to rehab over the summer.

But although Luann is a mediocre celebrated cabaret star, her diva antics have been the basis of most of the drama on this season of RHONY. She forced Barbara to ban Dorinda Medley from Barbara’s clambake. When Dorinda had the ladies visit in the Berkshires, Luann threw a fit when she found out that new bestie Bethenny was getting the best room. Luann told Dorinda that she wanted to have a massage, like Dorinda is the concierge.

Luann invited the New York Housewives to watch her cabaret performance on Halloween. The venue was supposed to be a haunted insane asylum, and I can see why from Luann’s behavior. She was supposed to perform at 11 pm. Bethenny, who had to get home to the babysitter, left after waiting for hours to see Luann. Luann never came down to see her guests and started the show late. She was too busy getting glam and looking at her reflection in the mirror–for hours. Luann later fumed that Bethenny dared to leave early and miss the show. Consequently, Luann raged about Bethenny wanting to go home to watch Bryn sleep. Yikes!

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According to an article from TooFab, Luann’s co-stars are sick of Luann’s entitled behavior. On the RHONY After Show, the ladies sounded off. Are you listening, Luann? Probably not. “There’s a complete lack of self-awareness. It’s almost like, if it’s not about her or doesn’t involve her and the focus isn’t on her, she doesn’t really have an interest. And I don’t know if that’s part of a protective thing?” Dorinda mused.

Sonya Morgan thinks that Luann may be laser-focused on maintaining her sobriety. “Luann says she’s in a protective mode to make sure that she stays on track with her sobriety, but sometimes, it doesn’t feel that way. It feels like she’s very focused on her,” Sonya stated. “We all feel like the minions. She treats us like fans, but she doesn’t see it.”

Last season on RHONY, Dorinda heckled Luann by shouting “Jovani! Jovani!” during Luann’s cabaret debut. Dorinda has been jumping through hoops ever since trying to get back in Luann’s good graces. “All roads just lead back to Luann: ‘I mean, I’m the one that just came out of recovery. I should get the best room.’ In every situation — [Sonja and I] have talked about the stuff that we’ve had to go through — you have to take responsibility for your actions,” Dorinda remarked.

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And what about the comments that Luann has made about Bethenny? Dorinda weighed in with her opinion. “I think when Luann does say things like, ‘What are you doing? You’re gonna go home and watch your kid sleep?’ [it’s] sort of — what she values, maybe we don’t. Listen, I am so proud of Luann. She’s killing it with the cabaret, but I don’t personally like cabaret. We are doing this for Luann, and that should be enough.” Apparently, Dorinda’s life is not a cabaret.

Luann shading Bethenny also struck a nerve with Bethenny’s bestie this season, Sonja. “Luann should’ve just been grateful that we showed up and we saw her act and thanked us and that should’ve been it, but she had to ruin it by saying, ‘What are you gonna do? Go home and watch your kid sleep?'” Sonja said.

Tinsley Mortimer was puzzled by the way Luann was treating Bethenny. Tinsley was “surprised that [Luann] was going after Bethenny when Bethenny helped her so much get out of her situation and go to rehab again.” Tinsley does have a point.

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“This is gonna sound really bad, but I think Luann likes to drink, and Bethenny sort of spearheaded the whole mission to get her back into rehab. So I do think that there is a little bit of — she’s pissed a little bit at her,” Tinsley added.

Maybe a Countess who lives in a round house in upstate New York shouldn’t throw stones at anyone. Luann better dial back her over-the-top attitude, or she may lose the people who have been there for her in her time of need.


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