Exclusive Clip: Life After Lockup Lizzie Kommes Slaps Scott Davey & Accuses Him Of Cheating On Her

When Love After Lockup Season 2 ended, Lizzie Kommes left her life of hustling behind along with Scott Davey after he maxed out his credit cards buying her everything she wanted. With that said, it made zero sense for the two of them to be on Life After Lockup.

They weren’t dating. They weren’t in touch. And, on top of that, they lived in different states. Nevertheless, Scott has plenty of credit card bills to pay and Lizzie is always down for a check. So, here we are. The last episode ended with Lizzie driving to California to surprise Scott because she “still has feelings” for Scott. When did she ever have feelings for him? She treated him like a trick from start to finish. Then again, he condoned this after watching himself on television for two Love After Lockup seasons.

In an exclusive clip from Friday’s episode, Lizzie shows up in California and says she has a “gift” for Scott. She tells him, “I have something for you in my purse. Let me grab it.” No, she didn’t actually pay for something. She would never do that. Instead, she gives him a big slap on the cheek.

She yells, “That is for cheating on me.” Ummm what? Desperate for a storyline much, Lizzie? There’s zero chance that ever happened. Scott insists, ‘No, I never did.” Of course.

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Then she inexplicably moves on and reveals that smuggled a ring into prison by tucking it in a private place….

She also finds a dime on Scott’s chair and takes it for herself because, well, this is Lizzie after all.

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Will these two reconcile? How does the rest of their conversation go? Check out the rest of their conversation below. Let us know what you think and come back to our site Monday morning for our Life After Lockup recap.


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