Life After Lockup

Life After Lockup Recap: Truth & Lies

Let’s be honest, last week’s episode was bonkers. None of these people should be in a relationship with each other, but here we are. Probably the most bizarre relationship is the Megan J/Michael Simmons/Sarah Simmons love triangle. It’s hard to fully grasp what they see in him to go through all the pain they do. It also seems like Andrea Edwards is on the verge of alienating her kids over her dedication to Lamar Jackson.

Brittany Santiago could lose Marcelino Santiago forever if she doesn’t stay away from her ex felon friends. She has SO MUCH to lose by slipping into old patterns. I pray that Scott Davey doesn’t take Lizzie Kommes back, but both seem to be open to reconciliation. I weirdly root for Clint Brady and Tracie Wagaman for some strange reason. It must suck that his mother has zero interest in finally meeting her. Hopefully there’s some forward progress in this all new episode.

Brittany & Marcelino

Life After Lockup Recap: Truth & Lies

Brittany discusses how tough it has been to balance a new baby, a marriage, a puppy, a new house, and more. As annoying as it was last week when she was ignoring his reservations about her friends, I feel for her here.

Marcelino is out playing poker most of the week at all hours of the night. She, on the other hand, has to take on the full responsibilities of the household.

He fires back at her saying that he brings in most of the money and that cutting back will cut their income. Both are coming at one another with facts here, but it does seem like she is bearing most of the weight.

They also go at it over how he wouldn’t let her friend hold their baby. That isn’t sitting well with her, but he is justified in his concern.

The smallest slip could send her back into that crime trap and on a one-way ticket back to jail. She claims that she’d never fall back into that pattern, so this couple is at a standstill right now.

Neither is willing to give an inch to the other. Brittany and Marcelino both want to be right here, but what they really need is COMPROMISE.

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Clint & Tracie

Life After Lockup Recap: Truth & Lies

Tracie is less than two days away from being free from parole, and Clint’s getting nervous. The closer she gets to being free, the more she wants to meet his mother.

We saw last week that meeting Tracie is the last thing his mom wants him to do. They’re doing a drive-by visit to his mother to force the issue.

Oh my goodness. I’m cringing right now. What happens if his mother says no? Does Tracie just sit in the car while they have a full mother son hangout session? This is SO awkward.

I understand how badly Tracie wants to meet her, but Clint isn’t being completely forthcoming here. He’s not expressing the level of how adamant his mom was against this meeting. He’s now put himself in an impossibly uncomfortable situation that will likely end in disaster.

Tracie’s patiently waiting outside the vehicle while Clint goes to speak with his mother. She says she’s changed, his mother should give in and finally meet her. Good luck with that sweetie. Momma doesn’t want any part of your shenanigans.

I’m dying though. His mom comes out with a face of smiles to greet her son. She asks what he’s doing there, and he’s casually like “oh nothing”. CLINT. YOU CANNOT PLAY THE MIDDLE HERE.

He’s trying so hard to be Switzerland, but it’s not an option. He needs to be open and honest with both of the women in his life. His mother snaps when she finds out that Tracie is on the property. She feels like Tracie steps on her boundaries, and she doesn’t want to know her PERIOD.

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His mom is hurt and offended that he would have the audacity to bring Tracie in her presence. His mom says that meeting is not happening, and she’s through with it all.

You can’t really blame her here. Tracie did Clint so wrong in the past, and that’s a tough thing to forgive and forget.

Clint informs Tracie about his mom’s unchanging stance, and she wants to leave. He also makes a remark that if she goes back to jail, he’s through with her. Momma would love that.

I expected Tracie to totally flip out when he said that to her. However, she surprised me and Clint here by peacefully leaving the scene.

Tracie expresses how alone she feels right now, and how hard it’s been to avoid using. Hopeful,ly she can stay sober during such a tough and lonely time.

Andrea & Lamar

Life After Lockup Recap: Truth & Lies

I want to like Andrea, but the way she puts this man before her children has me baffled. She feels bad about seeing her kids in pain over this though, so that’s good, I guess.

She’s out shopping with her daughter in Vegas, and her friends call. They think because it’s Vegas, the grocery store must have celebrity cameos in every aisle. Utah needs to get out more. Her friends appear to be sheltered beyond repair.

Andrea isn’t much different. She’ shocked about the idea of alcohol being sold in the grocery store. That’s not as bad as last week though when she didn’t know hookers worked in the daylight. You have to get up early if you want to make that coin girl.

According to Andrea, her daughter Nyla is taking Lamar’s incarceration the hardest. She would tear up and even burn letters that he’d send from jail.

Andrea has a full scale breakdown in the grocery store after revealing to her friends something Nyla said. Her daughter no longer trusts African American men, and I no longer trust Andrea in the produce aisle.

Not the ideal setting for a meltdown. Tissues on aisle 4 please!

The day of Lamar’s release is here, and Andrea’s attitude has totally shifted. It finally clicked inside her head that his behavior isn’t normal. FINALLY ANDREA HAS WOKEN.

She’s uprooted her life and her family to be with him, and he through it away by going back to jail. She lets him spend money at a payphone to call her to pick him up, and lies saying she’s not even there. It was funny I guess, but it doesn’t seem like he really missed her that much.

Lamar acknowledges that he disappointed everyone in his life and has no plans to go back to jail. That’s a great first step to rebuilding his life.

Andrea’s mood shifts even more when Lamar is more concerned about his car than his family. He is blindsided by the news that Andrea sold his car while he was in jail.

He’s enraged by this, but she had to do what she had to do. He’s the one who went to prison and left her behind. She had to SURVIVE. BRO. He goes on and on about this car, and Andrea tries to get him to focus on family.

SHE DIDN’T EVEN SELL HIS CAR. IT WAS ALL A RUSE. That’s somewhat funny, but his reaction holds up despite it being a joke. Sorry.

Scott & Lizzie

Life After Lockup Recap: Truth & Lies

Lizzie made an online dating profile to help her find men. Her profile apparently says that she’s hot, sexy, and has big boobs. Not sure what kind of wholesome man she’s going to find with that as her bio.

In theory I love that her and Scott are going on dates and are open to love after their disaster relationship. Although, I honestly feel it’s simply a matter of time before they find their way back to one another. Ew. Sad, but true.

Scott is all set for his date, and hopefully he has his bank account on lock down before he dives in. He’s worried his date won’t show up which is heartbreaking. He’s a good man overall, but his been completely burned in the past.

Scott is VERY awkward when his bind date arrives. Not off to a great start. Don’t screw this up buddy.

This lovely man named Noah walks in for his date with Lizzie, and I’m screaming RUN DUDE RUN. Everyone deserves love, but if he only knew what he was getting himself into.

SCOTT NO. STOP. ABORT MISSION. He tells his blind date right away about Lizzie and her prison past, and her heroin addiction. That normally would be really bad, but LIZZIE IS DOING THE SAME THING ON HER DATE.

Her date is in his Mister Rogers sweater looking so uncomfortable about her prison heroin days. My heart goes out to both of these blind date “victims”. They don’t deserve this information vomit their getting.

I’ve never felt so awkward watching something. To make it worse, money obsessed Lizzie has to split the check with her date because it’s “more expensive that he thought”.

Free dating apps aren’t going well for Lizzie so she enlists the help of her coworker. She needs a Christian alpha that’s good in bed and loves animals. Good luck with all of that.

Michael, Sarah, & Megan

Life After Lockup Recap: Truth & Lies

Megan comes across so thirsty in this love triangle with Michael and Sarah. His mother clearly doesn’t want to speak to her, but obviously she isn’t going away.

His mother brings up a valid point questioning why she’s still interested knowing he’s married. She also points out that the fights between Sarah and Michael didn’t really begin until Megan came into the picture.

His mom is trying hard to keep the peace here, but she sounds so over this mess. We concur momma! Seriously though, why are these women fighting over this man? Somebody comment with all of his redeeming qualities to enlighten me.

Michael is out and says he’s “free but still locked up” because of all the restrictions imposed against him. Staying away from felons seems like a good idea in general overall, but I suppose that may be hard.

Michael and Megan are finally reunited, and she continues to tease her big secret. However, we will have to wait to hear the secret because she wants to get her own answers first.

It’s hard to know what else she needs to hear beyond “I’m married and have a family”, but alright.

Megan questions Michael about why he lied so long to her, and he attempts to explain himself. He tells her the marriage wasn’t legitimate, and that he only wanted to get his daughter.

Megan is “upset” that she gave her virginity to a married man. She’s clearly very devastated and is showing her sadness by continuing to pursue him. My heart just goes out to Megan.

Michael admits to Megan that he still loves Sarah, and Megan hits him with the big question. Divorce or no divorce? He says eventually he will, but she has her doubts if he’s telling the truth or not.

Sarah is out shopping for baby clothes again which is apparently all we get to see her do. She gets a text from Michael’s sister that he is currently with Megan, which makes her want to explode. She could leave him for good and file for divorce, but “Playboy” Michael is too big of a catch to lose.

Sarah is nine months pregnant right now, and Michael is choosing to spend time with Megan instead. He’s allegedly telling Sarah he wants to make it work with her, but his actions say otherwise. She wants to explode on him, and she has more than enough reason to do so.

Megan plans to go to Michael’s mom’s house to spend time with him regardless of if she likes it or not. That’s so rude for no reason. These people need BOUNDARIES. Megan says it’s not the right time to reveal her secret to Michael, so it looks like we’re waiting longer.

Michael calls Sarah while she’s at the store, and he doesn’t appreciate her hostility. Sarah calls Michael out for lying to her about being done with Megan.

This dude though. He is playing all sides so hard, and it’s all crashing down around him. It turns into a screaming match, and the question of divorced is finally brought up.


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