90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Recap: Kicked To The Curb

Last night’s episode of 90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After had a little of everything.  When I say everything, I mean everything drama-filled. There was everything from divorce under duress, to car fights, to a tense family dinner. It’s the day after Ashley Martson called the police on Jay Smith and attempted to get him deported or worse. Instead of feeling like the disgusting person she is, she played the victim. Ashley decided to change the locks so he can no longer come back to her house.

I don’t feel sorry for you!  She had more than enough evidence to know Jay wasn’t ready for a committed relationship. Cheating may warrant a divorce but not jail! The very fact that she played games with his paperwork shows she wanted ultimate control over his life. Ashley used the deportation card as soon as she was able to do so. She consults with an attorney and decides to begin the divorce process. Ugh… I don’t want to see this disgrace of a woman anymore.

Jay (Jamaica) & Ashley (Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania)

90 Day Fiancé Happily Ever After Recap: Kicked To The Curb

Ashley asks Jay to come to the house to speak with her. If I were him I wouldn’t ever go back to her house, after she called the police on me. She immediately presents him with divorce papers to sign. Jay was hoping to work things out and not go back to Jamaica. Umm… you should have thought of that before you cheated multiple times. Ashley tries to force Jay to sign the paperwork on camera. She tells him if he signs it right away, she will give him money and take him to the airport.

He wants the chance to look over the paperwork on the way and Ashley declines. She claims she worries she will be accused of forging his signature if it’s not done on camera. I wouldn’t sign anything without reading it either, especially if it was handed to me by Ashley. At this point, I am in favor of a quick divorce just to get them off of my TV screen.

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I actually felt sad watching Jay walking down the street aimlessly. He comes to the realization he has no money or anyone to help in that town. He is forced to come back to the house and sign the papers so that he is able to get to his brother in Florida. I’m sorry, but I can’t stand Ashley. First, you call the police on him. Then, you lord over him that he has no money and nowhere to go, to get him to sign papers. This woman is the worst! I honestly believe she liked the fact that he had nothing and was indebted to her. Anyone who uses money and the police to exert control over someone is a terrible person in my opinion.

Pedro (Dominican Republic) & Chantel (Atlanta, GA)

90 Day Fiancé Happily Ever After Recap: Kicked To The Curb

Pedro Jimeno and Chantel Everett return to the place they first fell in love. They decide to reconnect after his dirty dancing escapade was exposed.  Pedro even lies about how he knows her only to be caught by his wife. He tried to claim she was a college friend. We all know his sister Nicole was hoping to set the two up. SMH… Pedro is quickly forgiven when he drops to his knees to apologize to wannabe queen Chantel.

Pedro and Chantel have a romantic dinner on the beach. Chantel STILL can’t let go of her sneaky suspicion that he just wanted to find a “stupid American” go. Girl!!!!!!!! This is why your man ran thousands of miles away from you. Who the hell wants to be accused of ulterior motives 24/7? She lists her friend, Obed’s, statements as reasons for her doubts. Just like that their relaxing weekend has been ruined. Pedro is frustrated and annoyed that his wife doesn’t believe him.

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Every time I looked at Chantel’s face in this scene, I saw her mother. Pedro actually brings up some great points in his defense. He tells his wife his family never met her on her first trip. He rhetorically asks if they truly had a plan to get an American why weren’t kissing her butt until he got his green card? Pedro decides to return to the US with his wife to show her she comes first in his life. I wonder if she will ever give him the same respect. Can Iyanla come fix their life, please?

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90 Day Fiancé Happily Ever After Recap: Kicked To The Curb

Chantel is officially crazy… She claims she finally got to see the good Pedro again. Umm… maybe it’s because he was away from The Family Chantel who tortures him constantly. Pedro does succeed in convincing his wife to have dinner with his family. Uh oh, I don’t see this going well. Chantel isn’t mature enough to play chess rather than checkers.

You can hate his family, but you can’t make that apparent. It only causes strife in YOUR life and marriage if your husband feels you don’t respect his family. Hell, they don’t even live in the US!  You should be able to be at least cordial during a few visits. Once you have made your husband feel secure you aren’t against his family, then you show them who is boss subtly.  Duh!

90 Day Fiancé Happily Ever After Recap: Kicked To The Curb

Pedro has one last chance to get his family on the same page with his marriage. His mother explains she is concerned that Chantel never takes Pedro’s side with her family. She also feels that as a man that he should have the control in their marriage. Chantel admits she shouldn’t share her issues with Pedro to anyone else. But she is “liberated” and will not be controlled by Pedro. I am impressed by how calm this meeting has been thus far. Oh, I spoke too soon.. Chantel tells her mother-in-law she has a right to an opinion, but doesn’t need to tell it to her. Whoa!

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I wonder what she would say if Pedro said that about her meddling family.  I have to admit, Chantel is being disrespectful. Whether you like them or not, you should keep the peace FOR YOUR HUSBAND. It’s obvious being in the middle is taking a toll on Pedro. I wish Chantel would tell her family to butt out, the same way she is telling Pedro’s family. One thing I can say is his family attempted to be calm and respectful during the conversation. They are shocked when Pedro reveals he is returning to the US with his wife.

At this point, Chantel doesn’t feel she needs to have a good relationship with Pedro’s family. Her only concern is fixing their relationship. Is this girl delusional? Does she not see that this feud plays a major role in the decline of their relationship?

90 Day Fiancé Happily Ever After Recap: Kicked To The Curb

Paola (Colombia) & Russ (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)

90 Day Fiancé Happily Ever After Recap: Kicked To The Curb

Russ Mayfield ’s mom is on her way to Miami to see her grandson, Axel.  Paola Mayfield wants her husband to tell his mother that she needs help with the house, not the baby. SMH… In fact, she doesn’t want her to even hold her baby. Ummm….hasn’t Pao’s mom been there for quite some time? But she doesn’t want Russ’ mom to have time with her grandson? Someone please make it make sense? This is where Russ needs to put his big boy pants and put his foot down. He has given in to ALL of her crazy demands and even disrespect, but this is TOO much. I understand a mother’s love, but this is just insane.

Paola is still nervous about Russ’ mom arrival. She worries that because she is a teacher she will try to tell her what to do with her baby. She finally tells her mother how she was treated in Oklahoma. It’s convenient that she finally decides to tell this to her mother, before she meets Russ’ mother. It’s obvious she only told her this information to have an ally against her mother-in-law. SMH… Wow! Despite your adult issues, that baby is innocent and shouldn’t be deprived of having both grandmothers.

Colt (Las Vegas, Nevada) & his mom Debbie Larissa (Brazil)

90 Day Fiancé Happily Ever After Recap: Kicked To The Curb

90 Day Fiancé Happily Ever After Recap: Kicked To The Curb

Larissa Dos Santos Lima is getting a ride from a disgruntled Uber driver aka Debbie Johnson.  Her mother-in-law is furious that Larissa believes she can actually keep her legal business to herself. Maybe she should have told her husband, Colt Johnson.  But I don’t think she should be forced to tell Debbie anything. Larissa asks Debbie point blank why she is being passive aggressive towards her.

A screaming match ensues about slamming doors and Debbie tells her to “STFU”. Debbie is even more set off when Larissa tells her she plans for her and Colt to move out. Debbie has had it! She tells producers that she doesn’t want to deal with Larissa anymore. Well if anyone doubted Larissa’s claim that her housemates act differently when the cameras are away, here is your proof.  Debbie is cursing like a sailor. I guess she is infuriated that her plan to be rid of Larissa hasn’t worked just yet.

Larissa is definitely annoying, but I would have made Colt get her a real Uber account and not driven her anywhere. If you ask me, Debbie or one of those cats called the police on Larissa. Debbie jumps out of the car and continues her verbal assault. The producers ask Larissa to exit the car, so Debbie can leave her in the dust. I guess she isn’t the sweet old cat lady she pretends to be.

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90 Day Fiancé Happily Ever After Recap: Kicked To The Curb

Larissa waits for Colt to come home-y to discuss Debbie kicking her out of the car earlier. She wants Colt to talk to his mother about disrespecting her. Colt comes to his mother’s defense and questions how Larissa treated her. This infuriates Larissa and she storms up the stairs. Colt, in turn, chugs a bottle of Jack Daniels like it’s apple juice. I’m starting to believe Larissa a little more. Who downs half a bottle of alcohol during an argument? Something very odd is taking place in that house.

Larissa storms out of the house after calling Colt a “fat pig” and tells him to talk to his mom. Well… she isn’t exactly lying. You can spot his marshmallowy form and man hips a mile away.  I have always thought Colt and Debbie pretend to be innocent while allowing Larissa to be the only one to look crazy. This 90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After episode proves that neither of them is as “nice” as they pretend to be on the show.

90 Day Fiancé Happily Ever After Recap: Kicked To The Curb

Elizabeth (Tampa, FL) & Andrei (Moldova)

90 Day Fiancé Happily Ever After Recap: Kicked To The Curb

Elizabeth Potthast’s family finds out that she has been in labor for hours. Everyone is shocked they didn’t receive a phone call earlier. Elizabeth’s mother Pamela is also upset that she isn’t allowed in the room during the birth. They attempt to call Andrei Castravet and Elizabeth and receive no answer. Everyone knows that Andrei is the only person who could be behind this.  Although Andrei isn’t being his usual annoying self, you can tell Elizabeth wants her mother there.

90 Day Fiancé Happily Ever After Recap: Kicked To The Curb

After 22 hours of labor, Elizabeth gave birth naturally to baby Eleanor. At the last minute, Elizabeth’s mother was granted access to the delivery room to support her daughter. Her sisters arrive later to meet their niece for the first time. I was surprised Andrei was so open to letting them hold his daughter.  Elizabeth’s sisters even ask why their mother wasn’t allowed in the delivery room from the beginning. It seems like Andrei may have softened up, just a bit already. He wasn’t argumentative when his wife’s family came and even smiled.

Let’s hope his new happiness prompts him to get a real job. Those diapers aren’t going to buy themselves. Hopefully, Elizabeth’s father makes Andrei take responsibility for his family. Since Andrei doesn’t want any money from his in-laws this should be no issue. Who am I fooling? Elizabeth will be on the phone begging before they arrive home with their baby.

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90 Day Fiancé Happily Ever After Recap: Kicked To The Curb


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