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Brittany Cartwright’s “Something Blue” At Wedding Inspired By Meghan Markle & Princess Diana; Jax Taylor’s Wedding Band Paid Tribute To His Late Father

As we all know, Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor got hitched last weekend in a Kentucky castle.  The castle in which the wedding was held is reminiscent of Windsor Castle.  You know, except for the storied history and actual royalty.  Kentucky is the new London, y’all.

Brittany wore a tear-away gown.  Seriously, it had a bunch of layers and she could peel them off at various points during the festivities. So she basically dressed like a stripper.  For.  Her.  Wedding.  For the actual ceremony, the dress had a long train.  The train come off for a shorter dress, I’m guessing for the dancing portion of the evening,  and the sleeves came off to reveal a strapless number.  While the dress was a strange choice, she looked stunning in all versions of it.

Page Six reported that Brittany also donned a $25,000 19-carat aquamarine ring as her “something blue.”  The ring was designed by celebrity jeweler Kyle Chan, who designed Brittany’s engagement ring and Brittany and Jax’s wedding bands.  I can make fun of that Kentucky castle all I want, but that one piece of jewelry cost as much as my entire wedding.

According to Kyle, Princesses Diana and Meghan Markle had aquamarine rings, so Princess Brittany needed one, too.  He told Brittany”you’re getting married in a castle with a princess theme … you gotta have aquamarine like a princess.”

Sidebar: Since when do weddings have themes?  Isn’t the theme just “wedding?”

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In addition to the “something blue” ring, Brittany and Jax sported some other serious bling for their big day.  According to People, Brittany and Jax exchanged vows with coordinating diamond bands.  Jax’s band was made with two carats of brilliant cut diamonds, including one from his father’s wedding ring.  Jax’s father sadly passed away in December of 2017.

According to BrittanyJax had the remaining diamonds from his father’s wedding ring made into a pendant.  Usually, I would find a way to make fun of a man wearing more diamonds than I ever will (mostly just out of jealousy, tbh), but that is pretty sweet.

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Congrats to the happy couple.  I’m so pleased this wedding is over so we can stop thinking about it and move on to  Lala Kent and Randall Emmett’s festivities.  At which, I have no doubt, Lala’s dress will out-stripper even Brittany’s.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]