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Tamra Judge Addresses Vicki Gunvalson’s Recent Demotion On Real Housewives Of Orange County

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. That pretty much sums up the friendship between Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge. The Real Housewives of Orange County stars have always enjoyed a rocky relationship. From Vicki’s third face to Tamra’s second body, the two have gone through both physical and emotional changes over the years. Sometimes getting along, other times screaming in each other’s faces, the OC duo has brought the drama.

Vicki always had quite a hefty fan base, until Brooks Ayers came into the picture. After his cancer-scamming subterfuge, Vicki dealt with the loss of co-star support and viewer disgust. Season 13 of RHOC found Vicki with not much of a story-line, despite her new boyfriend efforts to remain relevant. And even though Vicki somehow threatened coerced Steve Lodge into a proposal, it just wasn’t enough to secure an orange for the OG. When the news of Vicki’s demise went public, if you listened closely, you could hear fans shouting their approval from the rooftops. Or maybe that was just Kelly Dodd. Now that the mighty has fallen, on-again, off-again friend Tamra has some thoughts on Vicki’s demotion to Siberia friend status.

So many Bravo viewers thought this time would never come. After the public outcry of hate towards Vicki when Brooks’ diabolical cancer scamming scheme went horribly wrong, Vicki remained on the show.

Vicki has already publicly addressed her removal as an official Housewife but we haven’t heard much from the rest of the cast. In an Instagram post, Tamra shared her thoughts and some memories of her love/hate relationship with Vicki over the years. Along with a video clip from the Stone Ages early years of RHOC, she said, “two dunk [sic] housewives. where do I start … the hats , the tan , the can of beer & the 12 years of crazy shenanigans. I love you, I hate you!”

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Tamra continued the tribute to her pal for now, “I’ve gone through so much with you my friend . I said it 12 years ago and I’ll say it again #BFF (or until you piss me off again … jk).” Not so much j/k, am I right? Oh Tamra, we see you. This throws ‘ole Tammy Sue into the top spot now, doesn’t it? The official new OG of the OC. You know she is not devastated over this new turn of events.

Then Tamra seems to hint at the fact that maybe Vickster isn’t taking the news too well. She wrote, “it makes me sad that you’re sad right now. I love you so much, pinky swear #ogoftheoc #changeishard” Uh-huh, change is hard but I have a feeling Tamra is ready to adapt and overcome. Considering Vicki doesn’t have a sterling relationship history with any of the current cast-members, it could be safe to say no one is crying into their morning coffee over Vicki’s new role.

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We’ll have to wait and see if RHOC suffers in the wake of Vicki’s demotion. Gina Kirschenheiter has already amped up the drama factor for Season 14. We have newcomer, Braunwyn Windham-Burke on board. Shannon Beador is on a comeback tour after her divorce was finalized and subsequent weight-loss. So I think we’ll be okay without Vicki. The question is, will Tamra? Who is Tamra without Vicki? Can she keep up her end of the bargain? Like it or not, we are about to find out.

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