Exclusive Clip From Tonight’s Life After Lockup: Michael’s Mom Lays Down The Law

For some inexplicable reason, Life After Lockup star Michael Simmons has a strong hold on the women in his life. Michael’s wife Sarah Simmons wants to make their relationship work…. even though Megan J is his girlfriend. His mom was in on his cheating and even talked to Megan on the phone without ever telling Sarah.

His teenage sister went to bat for him and went after Megan in person and on social media. Meanwhile, Michael seems to bring absolutely nothing to these relationships. On tonight’s Life After Lockup, Michael’s mom is finally fed up with his antics.

Reality Tea got hold of an exclusive clip from tonight’s episode. And, to be honest, it’s a little tough to understand the exact words. Neither Michael nor his mother is enunciating very clearly in the midst of their heated anger. Plus, it’s heavily snowing. Maybe that has something to do with it?

The gist of the situation is that Michael is cleaning the snow off of his car so he can leave the house, which is probably against his probation. His mother tells him, “You can’t go to New York when you got that baby.” Ummm two babies. The man has two kids that he barely knows and does not seem to care about parenting.

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His mom says, “You lose your life, you lose your future, your kids, that’s just destroyed.” As if Michael actually cares about the consequences of anything he does.

She even asks him, “Is it really worth it to you?” Oh, please. As if Michael actually thought ahead about anything and its consequences ever.

She admits that she thought Michael has changed, but, apparently, she’s never seen this show. If anything, Michael’s nonsense just keeps on getting worse.

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Check out the exclusive clip below:


[Photo Credit: WE tv]