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Andy Cohen Wants Vicki Gunvalson On Real Housewives Of Orange County Forever Even After Her Demotion

The end of an era has arrived. After 13 seasons, Vicki Gunvalson is no longer a main cast member of Real Housewives of Orange County. HOW COULD THEY DO THIS TO US? The OG of the OC is demoted to a “friend” role for the upcoming season 14. Despite this, it looks like a lot of the season still revolves around Vicki. We can’t wait to see Vicki vs Kelly Dodd this season!

Vicki’s given viewers SO many memories over the years. It’s genuinely upsetting to see her lose her orange. She carried the show with the Brooks Ayers scandal. Her feuds with Tamra Judge are legendary. Plus, we never want to see the Tres Amigas split up again. Without a doubt, nobody will ever replace Vicki in our hearts. We want her back full-time! However, Andy Cohen is the one who calls all the shots and can make that happen. 

In an interview with Us Weekly, Andy sheds some light regarding Vicki’s future on the show. He says, “The truth is we’re always looking to freshen up every show.”

That is great and all, but why do it at the expense of a reality TV legend? Nobody has withstood the Housewives test of time like Vicki. UGH.

Andy added, “She’s been on the show for 14 years. That is an unprecedented run on a scripted show, on a reality show, anything.”

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Not only has she been on so long, but she always did her job. Unlike some other franchise OG’s, Vicki never bailed on a reunion taping. She always showed up. BOOM.

Even though she won’t be a main cast member, Andy is apparently still in her corner. He says if he has his way, “Vicki will be on the show another 14 seasons.” A BIG REASON TO WHOOP IT UP!

Vicki’s willingness to be transparent is what makes her unlike so many fellow Housewives. That scene when Vicki learned of her mother’s death still haunts me! She puts it all out there like no other.

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Andy also confirmed Vicki has a large presence in season 14 stating, “She’s very much a part of this season. And so it’s just, it’s just about keeping everything fresh.”

In other words, they think Vicki is too old to be the face of the franchise. That’s what it sounds like to me. It’s important to realize that Vicki paved the way for the current crop of Housewives.

Andy also went on to say, “We are always looking for new Housewives in every city basically. We always have kind of one eye out, no matter how great the cast is.”

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Orange County has been lackluster in recent years, so maybe this isn’t the worst thing. It just feels weird without Vicki as a main cast member. It’s like losing a family member.

Hopefully, Vicki returns as a full time Housewife next season and gives us more memories. THIS IS WHAT WE DESERVE. Reclaim your orange, Vicki.

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