Tinsley Mortimer

Tinsley Mortimer admits to feeling like the “kid sister” on the Real Housewives of New York.  Tinsley’s age can’t be solely to blame though, she just really needs guidance on a regular basis.  Any life decisions, monumental plans, or changes reduce Tinsley to a stuttering, deflecting mess.  The only thing Tinsley seems to continuously have in place are her eyelashes.

And while the rest of the cast can’t seem to make sense of her plans for the future, everyone knows about Tinsley’s past.  In true Sonja Morgan style, Tinsley seems to be stuck in the shadow of her ex-husband’s name.  She has a hard time talking about her future without dredging up her past marriage to Topper Mortimer.

So it only made sense that when Tinsley spoke to The Daily Dish, her stream of consciousness led her back to Topper.  While giving an update about her dating situation, Tinsley reminisced about losing her virginity to her ex-husband.  Here’s what Tinsley had to say, “I met my husband when I was in boarding school. He was my first ever person that I major smooched, had sex with, the whole thing-sorry Mom.”

Tinsley even shared their quirky choice for background music.  She revealed, “Enya- no Enigma: Gregorian Chants is [what we had sex to].  Gregorian Chants is really sexy by the way.  Yeah, that’s my first sexual experience, thank you.”

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Fast-forward to the present, finally, and Tinsley has her priorities set on work.  She recently teamed up with Winky Lux and released a line of eyelashes.  Tinsley said “first time I’m actually really dating.  And also really working on myself.  And not just actually business again, I was always very focused on business.  And all of a sudden I got really focused on men and then I’m like, I’m back to myself and doing business.  So I’m really working really hard. ”

But don’t think this former socialite is all work and no play.  Tinsley revealed some dating advice that she got regarding the kind of men she chooses.  And it’s sound, mature advice.  It was suggested to Tinsley that she date men with children, because, as fathers, they have more empathy.

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Tinsley said, “to date men with children is amazing.  I highly recommend it highly.  If they were assholes before, the kids make them not assholes and they’re great men.  And I’ve been dating a lot of great men.  And one in particular is very sweet.”

While Tinsley is not revealing the identity of this man, she was rumored to be dating Billy BushShe denied it, but mother Dale Mercer said otherwise.  Regardless of who the guy is, it’s clear Tinsley is following some very good advice.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]