Hannah Ferrier Below Deck Mediterranean

Tonight MLB legend Johnny Damon is back on Below Deck Mediterranean but it’s not anchors away. It’s anchors gotten away which means the crew is could be permanently stranded outside Monaco!

Captain Sandy Yawn sends Joao Franco and Travis Michalzik on a scuba diving mission to figure out what’s wrong with the anchor even though things could go dangerously wrong. Hopefully they can wrestle the Sirocco free without anyone getting hurt (or in a fist fight). Also hopefully a successfully problem solving with Joao will help Travis find his positivity again! 

In addition to anchor drama, Captain Sandy is also up against constant bad weather. The boat is forced to change locales multiple times to avoid high winds and storms. Unfortunately a docking in St. Tropez leads to issues with their yachtee neighbor!

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Meanwhile the guests continue to be demanding and vulgar, stressing out Hannah Ferrier and Anastasia Surmava. June Foster struggles to connect with Hannah, her radio, and the rest of the crew, but grows closer with Aesha Scott by bonding over sudden losses in their family. Hannah, meanwhile, isn’t sure how to make June understand the simplest of instructions and wrestles with whether or not she should tell Captain Sandy what’s happening!

Anastasia continues to flounder with interpreting the preference sheet and the guests wants, leading to an uninspired menu and quality issues. As the guests leave Sirocco they let Sandy know things have been less than 5-star which has Sandy revisiting some of her decisions and deciding, once again, how to salvage this charter season before it’s too late!

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