Austen Kroll “Disappointed” By Southern Charm Cast Members Who Aren’t Real On Camera; Plans To Call Them Out At Reunion

WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE WITH ANDY COHEN -- Episode 16113 -- Pictured: Austen Kroll -- (Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo)

When Austen Kroll joined Southern Charm, he was deemed the “New Shep Rose” and touted as the golden boy of the show, which are, clearly, two very contradicting descriptions. Nevertheless, Austen shed that golden boy persona last season when ex-girlfriend Chelsea Meissner claimed that she was his short-lived sugar mama, picking up the tab on dates.

This season has revolved around Austen’s relationship drama with Shep Madison LeCroy. It started with that infamous video where Madison caught Austen with two women, while they were dating. Now, this season seems to revolve around their ups and downs. No one can say that Austen isn’t bringing it this year. However, the same cannot be said about some of his co-stars. There are plenty of people on this show who aren’t pulling their weight, just getting by commenting on other people’s storylines. Now, Austen is calling them out. Or at least he plans to at the reunion.

In an interview with Bravo’s The Daily Dish podcast, Austen discussed the Season 6 reunion taping. He said, “I just think that lots of people have lots of things to say, including myself.”

He also shared Austen said, “Every year on the reunion, the question gets asked, what are you most nervous about? And I’m like, I’m nervous to get called on my sh–. Well, what are you most excited about? I’m nervous to call people on their sh–.” Such as? Most likely Shep.

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That is pretty predictable. However, he did predict that an unnamed Southern Charm cast member will get called out during the reunion taping. Again, I assumed he was talking about Shep, but that might not be the case since Shep has no issues looking like an entitled asshole idiot on camera.

Austen continued, “I’ve been through a lot this season and it only gets worse. Not everyone can say that and that’s OK. I mean, if your life is great and you’re not going through some sh–, then that’s great. I’m envious of you. But if you are going through some sh—and it’s not on camera and you’re on this show, that just disappoints me.”

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The man has a point. There are some people collecting these Bravo paychecks, while contributing virtually nothing to the show.

Unfortunately, he didn’t mention names, but there are few that cross my mind. Cameran Eubanks narrates the show and comments on everyone’s drama, but has no storyline. Yes, it’s cute watching Palmer go to the aquarium, but it’s not why I watch this show.

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Chelsea has a boyfriend that never appears on camera, and aside from screaming matches instigated by Craig Conover and renovating her house, she doesn’t have a storyline of her own. Ever.

Naomie Olindo is on this show after the end of her relationship with Craig, but what is she doing? She didn’t even go on the cast trip. She’s having lunch with Ashley Jacobs just insure a paycheck and get her name in the opening credits. Other than that, she just talks about how she’s not good for her seemingly condescending boyfriend that we barely know.

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Even though most of the guys on this show a f*ck ups and f*ck boys, they’re at least contributing to this show. Unlike many others…


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