SOUTHERN CHARM -- "In Sew Deep" Episode 605 -- Pictured: (l-r) Craig Conover, Austen Kroll -- (Photo by: Brianna Stello/Bravo)

Southern Charm Star Austen Kroll Finally Launched His Beer

Southern Charm has been pretty low key this season, which is fine by me.  Shep Rose has adopted an adorable puppy. A new pillow business venture has been occupying Craig Conover’s time. Cameran Eubanks talks–a lot–about how difficult being a new mother is. Usually dramatic Kathryn Dennis has a potentially fascinating storyline–but for legal reasons, isn’t able to share much of it.

So, by default, Austen Kroll’s post-threesome relationship with Madison Lacroy has received a lot of screen time. Viewers will forever have a video image of a boxer-briefed Austen yelling at Madison–and seemingly blaming her–when she literally catches him with his pants down. Austen hasn’t been all fun and games this season, however. He is trying to launch a new beer business and has struggled to make it happen. Earlier in the season, Austen admitted that his new business had hit some road blocks on the way to the marketplace.

Things are looking up for Austen, at least in his business life. He recently shared on Instagram that his beer has finally launched, exclaiming, “To say this was a successful @kingscallingbrewing launch weekend would be an understatement. So humbled by all the support and positive response by all my family and friends that came and showed support!”

The beer, of course, is called Trop Hop, a tropical fruited IPA. Austen’s beer is no reality star vanity project that never goes anywhere–you know the kind! The company’s Instagram page states that the beer is already on tap at five Charleston area establishments.

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The launch sounds like it was a big success. In his post, Austen went on to say, “I met people who traveled from Michigan, Virginia, Arkansas, New Orleans, Atlanta, Charlotte, Columbia etc who all came JUST to try my beer. ” Which seems pretty far to travel for a glass of beer, but Southern Charm has loyal fans.

Craig and Cameran attended the product launch, proudly posing with Austen and his new IPA. It is great to see that the cast supports each other when not filming. Shep must have been out of town during the event–it is impossible to imagine he would pass up an opportunity for free beer otherwise!

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In wrapping up his post, Austen teased, “Big weekend, and big things to come y’all!” No word so far on when and where the beer might be expanding to next. The beer market is an extremely competitive one, flooded with different brands. However, there is always room for a good new craft beer–and a little reality star power never hurts when selling a product.

Congratulations to Austen for taking his beer from concept to the marketplace. Maybe Trop Hop will be pouring soon at a tap near you!

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[Photo Credit: Brianna Stello/Bravo]