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Gina Kirschenheiter’s Ex Fights Back! Calls Gina “Extremely Vindictive”

Woe is the life and times of Gina Kirschenheiter. The Real Housewives of Orange County star has officially joined the ranks of the Drama Mama crew. Viewers saw a glimpse of Gina’s life about to implode troubles beginning last season. She alluded to marriage problems and desperately tried to make her Casita a thing. Now we know much more was going on behind the scenes, as Gina’s marriage crumbled in April 2018.

If that wasn’t enough for the newbie, 2019 was all, “hold my beer”. In January, Gina was arrested for a DUI and then proceeded to further test law enforcement by committing several moving violations. Life seemed to settle down for Gina until an extremely unfortunate incident with her husband, which landed him in the greybar hotel. What follows can only be described as a total mess, seeing as the couple are parents to three children. Matt Kirschenheiter is now the target of multiple accusations by Gina, yet he remains uncharged of a crime. Now the former couple is headed to court, the most popular hang out for off-duty Housewives. You might think Gina is regretting her decision to make her life public at this point, but according to Matt, it’s just the way she likes it.

After a restraining order, being accused of ALLEGEDLY having a substance abuse problem, and experiencing supervised visitation with his children, Matt is responding to the claims. According to Radar Online, “In new court documents, Matt says he no longer uses alcohol or marijuana, has never engaged in hard drug use, and is a “devoted father’ to their three young children.”

Matt is also suggesting Gina is using their kids as a pawn in the divorce proceedings, “Petitioner [Gina] has historically been extremely vindictive and has used the children when she becomes angry or wants to control me,” Matt wrote in a July 30 declaration.

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He alluded Gina has “heightened the drama in a desperate grasp for fame”. Documents state, “Petitioner [Gina] has been acting erratically and in a way that I believe is unfortunately more based on a ‘storyline’ for her reality television show and not rooted in the best interest of our children.” Why that is shocking! I have never heard of such a thing!

Matt also believes Gina headed down to Petty Town after he stopped making payments on her automobile. “He [Matt] then said she [Gina] was ‘irate’, and began ‘acting irrationally’ and ‘completely erratic’ when he stopped making payments for her car, as decided in a December 2018 divorce settlement.”

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Apparently, the car issue triggered Gina because Matt alleged, “She [Gina] caused total chaos as we did not know if she was coming to pick up the children or not. Petitioner texted my sister ‘Visitation will be revoked. He [Matt] needs to get himself in order. He’s sick. Not broke.'” Not sure who needs to get themselves in order more, seeing as we became very familiar with Drunk Gina last season.

Then Matt said Gina threatened his mother. Oh no girl, not his mama. “He [Matt] then said Gina ‘threatened’ his mother via text by claiming ‘You’ll see what happens next!’ and sending a photo of fireworks going off.” A threat complete with special effects! Gina, PUT THE PHONE DOWN.

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This interaction encouraged Matt to assume Gina is using the kids against him. “I am convinced that Petitioner [Gina] is using any excuse she can to separate the children from me, as she knows that is my Achilles Heel,” he summed up.

After his arrest, Matt was allowed supervised visits with his kids. Gina stated he failed to have a monitor at one visit and requested the courts to revoke his visitation until the next hearing. Her request was denied by a judge and the Best Divorce Ever! will be back in court on August 14.

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