THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW YORK CITY -- "Reunion" -- Pictured: (l-r) Sonja Morgan, Dorinda Medley, Bethenny Frankel, Andy Cohen, Luann de Lesseps, Tinsley Mortimer, Ramona Singer -- (Photo by: Heidi Gutman/Bravo)

Sonja Morgan & Luann de Lesseps React To Bethenny Frankel’s Departure From Real Housewives

As we all know, Bethenny Frankel has chosen to retire from the Real Housewives of New York.  And we all know about her retirement because she has announced said retirement publicly and loudly, in a manner designed to garner the most publicity for her “upcoming projects” as possible.  So, pretty on-brand for B.

Some of us are mourning the loss of the biggest B in New York.  Some of us are probably relieved to never have to see a Skinnygirl-branded product or Skinnygirl-themed party on our screens again.  Of course, her fellow cast-members are eager to use Bethenny’s departure to get social media traffic tell us how they feel about Bethenny’s retirement.

Sonja Morgan and Bethenny have had a complicated relationship.  I actually can’t think of a single cast member who hasn’t had a complicated relationship with Bethenny.  Wait, no, that isn’t true, Bethenny and Kelly Bensimon didn’t have a complicated relationship.  They just despised each other.

But Sonja and Bethenny have always been hot and cold.  At one point, B accused Sonja of  inventing fake businesses. Look, I’m not taking sides here, but I have yet to see a toaster oven cookbook in Barnes & Noble.  At one point, Bethenny even threatened to take Sonja to court over Sonja’s prosecco line, named “Tipsy Girl.”  According to B, Tipsy Girl was too similar to Skinnygirl and people would get confused.  Bethenny completely wasted her time with that – girl, Sonja never takes anything to market!  No one was going to get Skinny- and Tipsy- Girl confused because no one was ever going to see a bottle of Tipsy Girl.  See, e.g.: toaster oven cookbook.

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But last season, Sonja and Bethenny seemed to have banded together because no one else wanted to hang out with either one of them be getting along.  So much so, that Sonja even posted a heart-felt tribute to Bethenny on her Instagram following B’s retirement.  Sonja posted several photos of her and Bethenny together.  One of the photos was Sonja and Bethenny making out.  Because of course it was.

Sonja captioned her post “Never can say goodbye.  This is just a page in time. I’m happy that all the best is yet to come for my friend B.”  Sonja also praised Bethenny for her mothering of Bryn, her daughter, and Biggy and Smallz, her dogs.  That’s actually a very sweet caption, aside from the fact that the phrase “a page in time” makes absolutely no sense.

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Luann de Lesseps also has an up and down relationship with Bethenny.  Luann got pissed when Bethenny blew off her Halloween cabaret showBethenny told Luann that she is self-absorbed (pot, meet kettle, btw).  Bethenny may or may not have funded all or a portion of Luann’s rehab.  Etc…

I’m not totally sure if Luann and Bethenny are up or down right now.  Honestly, it doesn’t really matter because they are both raging narcissists who can’t form healthy human connections.  But, Luann did use Bethenny’s departure for a few Instagram likes, posting a photo of the pair with Jennifer Lawrence.  I can only imagine Luann’s inner dialogue here:  OK, I need a picture of Bethenny and I that shows how famous and talented I am… one from my last cabaret, maybe??  NO I KNOW!  That one time we met an actual famous and talented person!

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Luann’s caption reads: Its been a great run with so many great memories.  Wishing @bethennyfrankel nothing but the best.  :kissy face emoji:

Ramona Singer was just salty that nobody told her about Bethenny’s retirement.  (Because it isn’t about you, Ramona!)

Dorinda Medly and Tinsley Mortimer have yet to make statements regarding Bethenny’s retirement.  That lack of statement is louder than any statement either one of them could make.

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