Luann de Lesseps “Disappointed” That Bethenny Frankel Missed Her Cabaret Show; Calls Herself A “Humble Person”

Luann de Lesseps is in full cabaret star mode this season on Real Housewives of New York. Perhaps you have heard that Luann got into a bit of trouble in Palm Springs in December 2017?  She was arrested on several charges, including battery on a police officer and disorderly intoxication. She then went to rehab twice. Unfortunately, Luann made an encore appearance in a Palm Beach courtroom on May 23 after violating her probation. The courts are not a cabaret, Luann.

Luann’s RHONY co-stars are tired of being treated like fans. Luann was irate when Bethenny Frankel left her 11 pm Halloween night performance because Bethenny had a babysitter waiting. Never mind that Luann’s performance was late, and she neglected her guests by primping for what seemed like hours in a mirror while her co-stars wondered if the Countess would grace them with her presence. I would also like to point out that Luann’s performance was set in an insane asylum. Make of that what you will.

So why was Luann so upset that Bethenny missed her performance? In an interview for the Real Housewives of New York City After Show, Luann did not hide her feelings. “Bethenny got all dressed up for Halloween. Here she’s out. It’s Halloween night. And I thought, you know, she might have stayed for the performance. I was surprised that she didn’t,” Luann commented. “Bethenny left with only 10 minutes for me to get on stage. So, I was disappointed that she left.”

But RHONY co-stars Sonja Morgan and Dorinda Medley had a different take on the situation. In their interview, Sonja said, “Basically it was about Luann. It wasn’t really about Bethenny. She just didn’t want Bethenny to leave. She thought she should stay there with the rest of the fans.”

“The only person Lu really wanted at the Halloween party was Bethenny. There is something going on this year where Lu definitely needs to have Bethenny’s approval…adoration…presence. I was like this the whole time, ‘But I’m here! I’m here,’” Dorinda exclaimed. Dorinda also pointed out that the ladies arrived in their Halloween finery at 8 pm, and Luann was supposed to take the stage at 11 pm. Since Bethenny has a young daughter at home, her situation was different from the other Housewives.

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Luann was asked by a producer if she chose to stay upstairs rather than mingle with her guests because the crowd was drinking, Luann seemed uncomfortable. “Umm…You know it’s a full-on party. I was downstairs for a while. You know, I felt like it was time to go back upstairs and get ready for my appearance. You know, I had dance moves to remember. So, I wanted to psych myself up for the appearance.”

Still, several of the RHONY ladies are tired of Luann’s entitled behavior. “You know, she wants…I think there is a little bit of …we’re up here (we’re meaning her and Bethenny) and the rest are down here. You know she likes to greet the minions from a higher point,” Dorinda said. Sonja added, “That’s how we feel anyhow.”

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When a producer asked Dorinda why she told Bethenny what Luann had said about Bethenny going home to watch her daughter sleep, Dorinda didn’t bother making her response nice. “Because I am Dorinda Meddler,” she said. “There’s a lot of people this year that have been sort of … the magic dust has been thrown in their eyes, and they’re only getting one side of the story. And I am here to let them know the other side. You know what they say in life. ‘There are two sides to a pancake.’” Who can argue with that pearl of wisdom?

Apparently, Luann doesn’t think that her cabaret stardom has gone to her head. “The girls love to play up the diva-Countess side of me, and they fail to see the down to earth humble person that I am. Or that I can be,” Luann stated. Luann also takes issue with a statement that Bethenny previously made about being there “for the next intervention. God forbid.”
“I think it’s really mean for her to say that she’ll be there for my next intervention. It pales in comparison to me giving a dig about her going to watch her daughter sleep on Halloween night,” Luann remarked.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]