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Kelly Dodd Calls Vicki Gunvalson & Tamra Judge “Stale;” Thinks Tamra Should Be The Next To Leave RHOC

Did anyone really think that Kelly Dodd and Vicki Gunvalson would mend fences and put their messy feud them? Real Housewives of Orange County star Kelly still thinks that Vicki broke girl code when Vicki and her man Steve Lodge went on a double date with Kelly’s ex, Michael Dodd. Of course, during the Season 13 reunion, Vicki accused Kelly of doing cocaine. So, there’s that.

Although Tamra Judge and Kelly seemed to be on great terms during the RHOC Season 14 premiere, the two are once again fighting on social media. What a surprise!

And “OG” Vicki was just demoted to a Friend of the Housewives position, and Kelly couldn’t be happier. She is probably somewhere whooping it up with her new boyfriend, plastic surgeon Brian Reagan.

In an interview with People, Kelly shared her feelings about Vicki, and saved some premium shade for Tamra. (Warning—the grammar in the post is a little scary.)

In the video clip, Kelly explained how she has nothing in common with Vicki anymore. “But you know, she’s a grandma. I’m not a grandma. I have a young daughter. Her kids are all grown. She’s more like a senior citizen to me than you know a young, vibrant……like …like a Ramona [Singer.] Even though Ramona is a bit older, but she acts like she’s my age. Like I feel like when I look at Ramona, I feel like…like Ramona is like my sister. Like she’s my age,” Kelly said. You just know that Real Housewives of New York star Ramona is somewhere toasting how fabulous she is. “When I look at Vicki, I look at her as like AARP.” Yikes! That was cold.

Kelly continued, “It didn’t shock me that ahh… that Vicki went to a friend role because, I mean, I was shocked that she didn’t get demoted to a friend role after the whole Brooks [Ayers] scandal. But she did pave, you know, the road for us to all have jobs…and the other franchises and everything. So, you know, you have to be thankful and grateful for that.” Is Kelly grateful? I’m not sure that Vicki is feeling the love from this interview.

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 Kelly also discussed how Vicki is upset about being demoted. “But you know, it’s like…you gotta have a personal story. You can’t be surrounding [your] other peoples’ stories. Like…like I feel like Tamra and..and… and Vicki are, I mean, they’re stale,” Kelly commented. Wow!

But wait, Kelly isn’t done trashing her RHOC co-stars. “You know and usually, 14 years is a great run. I mean, take that and run,” Kelly stated. “Just say thank you, you know. I…I don’t understand why she is so upset. Fourteen years is a long time to have a job.”

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When someone off-camera asked if Kelly thinks the same things about Tamra, Kelly had quite the response. She replied, “I think the same… I think Tamra…If I were to be like a senior executive, I would think…I mean, I would think that Tamra is next,” Kelly said. “I mean, she’s got the same kind of storyline as Vicki and she likes to spread rumors and lies and everything else.” Wait–isn’t that what Housewives are supposed to do?

It looks like Tamra might want to watch her back so she isn’t the next OC Housewife to lose her full-time position.

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