Tamra Judge Says She Did Nothing To Kelly Dodd; Says Kelly Is “Vile” & “Not Stable”

I am starting to feel like Real Housewives of Orange County is steaming toward a season-long story arc. I cannot handle another long, drawn-out scandal like “puppy gate” on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

At a Housewives dinner, when Emily Simpson and Kelly Dodd were not present, the newly demoted Vicki Gunvalson told the table that she knew something very damaging about Kelly. Tamra Judge piped up and asked if she was talking about the train. All aboard this season’s salacious rumor about Kelly!

On the ride home, when Vicki wasn’t present, Tamra told the ladies that Vicki said that Kelly was involved in a train with eight guys. Of course, Tamra had nothing to do with spelling out the details while casually tossing Vicki on the tracks.

But Kelly had also been slamming both Tamra and Vicki. Kelly called both ladies “stale” and stated that Tamra should be the next Housewife to leave RHOC. Kelly also denied the sex train rumors.

Tamra spoke with HollywoodLife about what she thinks is the root cause of her issues with Kelly. The two ladies were getting along well in the RHOC season premiere. “I don’t even know what the core is to be honest with you,” Tamra commented. Maybe a little story about a train? Just wondering.

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“I don’t know, I left to go on vacation with my husband for like two days, just get out of town without cameras, and I came back to a major s**t storm where she tried to turn everybody against me and it didn’t work…At first, I’m like, ‘What happened? What did I do?’ Because she was sending me nasty text messages when I was on vacation, like nasty. I mean, she’s just vile,” Tamra revealed.

Tamra admitted that she felt “devastated” by the messages that Kelly sent. And confused about what caused this drama. Tamra explained, “I think she’s just an angry person. She’s not stable. She’s like Brandi Glanville.”

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RHOBH alum Brandi happily engaged Tamra in a crazy Twitter feud over Kelly. Of course, she did! We are talking about Brandi, who isn’t capable of keeping her opinions to herself. Come on, Bravo. Just add Brandi to the Orange County franchise!

Tamra is getting tired of Kelly’s online digs. Yet Tamra continues to make them at Kelly. Remember that Tamra spread that choo choo rumor, saying that she “did the viewers a favor” by exposing Kelly’s darkest secrets? Me, too! The one person who has no memory of doing anything wrong is Tamra.

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Tamra said,“I think that you can call me whatever you want, like if that’s your thing, go ahead. But don’t talk about my kids, and don’t talk about my husband,” Tamra remarked. “I would never. I would never. It’s just a classless thing to do.”

Tamra shared that she hasn’t spoken to Kelly since the Season 14 finale. And she has doubts that their friendship can be salvaged. “Yeah, I don’t know about that,” Tamra commented. For once, I can agree with Tamra on something.

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