Vicki Gunvalson Names The OG Housewife She Wants Back On Real Housewives Of Orange County, Aside From Herself

I wonder what was most shocking to Vicki Gunvalson: finding out Brooks Ayers didn’t have cancer or getting the news that she got demoted to a part-time Housewife. Sadly, my instincts tell me that it was probably the latter. Vicki still isn’t over the humiliation of her demotion. And she’s talking about it with anyone who will listen.

During a recent Watch What Happens Live episode, a fan called in to ask, “If you could bring back any other OG Housewife, besides yourself, who would you choose and why?” I love how he had to emphasize “besides yourself” when he asked that question. We all know Vicki’s genuine answer to that question.

Before she actually answered, Vick babbled, “That’s actually kind of funny because I can’t even believe this happened to me. I’m having fun with it!” Fun? Really? Even Andy Cohen didn’t buy that one. He couldn’t help hysterically laughing at the OG of the OC. At one point, Vicki jokingly yelled, “Andy!” to get him to stop.

Then, Vicki reminded herself, “I can’t pick me.” Correct, Vicki. After a long “Ummmmm,” Vicki shared, “I still like Jeana [Keough].” How kind of her. I wonder what Vicki’s frienemy BFF Tamra Judge thinks about that choice. Never forget Tamra throwing that glass of wine in Jeana’s face when Jeana brought up Tamra’s divorce from Simon Barney.

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Vicki elaborated, “You know what, we’re the same age and have kids the same age.” Andy kissed Vicki’s ass told Vicki, “You started it with her.” VICKI DID NOT STAR THIS SHOW. She was cast to join the group for its first season. She has no producing credits. She did not recruit any costars. Vicki did not “start” anything.  Nevertheless, she has blessed us all with some iconic moments; i.e. the family van incident.

Vicki told Andy, “We have a history. I just talked to her last night.” Then, Vicki added, “You know I wasn’t really close friends with a lot of the others. I just wasn’t.” Andy muttered, “That’s been clear. Yeah.”

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Who are the “other ones”? Lauri Peterson, the woman who accused Vicki of having sex with multiple partners during a cast ski trip. Jo de la Rosa, the woman that introduced us all to Slade Smiley. Thank you, Jo. And then, there’s Kimberly Bryant, who left the OC for the midwest after a skin cancer scare after the first season wrapped. Oh, what a simple time. Now that cast is fighting on social media in between seasons and plotting to take each other down.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]