Andrea Love After Lockup

Love After Lockup: Menace To Society

Love After Lockup was insane last week. Every moment was jaw dropping. It would be nearly impossible to pick one moment to be the craziest. This week is sure to be no different. Andrea is SNAPPING now that Lamondre isn’t getting out of prison. Cheryl and Josh might have a chance if they can avoid his mother. That theory applies to Lizzy and Daniel too.

Lacey and Vince are the two biggest question marks of the season right now. She is playing in a dangerous game with her love triangle. It’s only matter of time before it blows up in her face and becomes too overwhelming. Then you have Vince who is the definition of unstable. HE ADOPTED HIS FIANC’S PRISON WIFE? This Love After Lockup episode should be so good.

Andrea & Lamondre

Andrea Love After Lockup

Andrea believes there is more to the story of why Lamondre isn’t being released. She meets with a detective to discuss the situation.

It turns out that just because Lamondre won his appeal doesn’t mean he’s getting out. He might do another five YEARS. Andrea got played so hard.

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The detective doesn’t think Lamondre has changed at all. He calls him a menace. Andrea is being used by this man, and she needs to call this off.

Walk away, Andrea. Walk away now. She thinks Lamondre knew the entire time that he wasn’t really getting out. So many secrets and lies!

Cheryl & Josh

Josh Love After Lockup

Josh hates being on an ankle monitor, but it’s DA RULES. Cheryl calls him her “prince charming.” Which part is the fairytale? Living with his mom? His bank robbery conviction? Wait no. I bet it’s THAT ANKLE MONITOR.

There’s a lot of money stress right now, and she wants to pay it faster. Cheryl wants him to pay it off quicker so he won’t turn to robbing banks. That’s a crazy thing to say.

Most people don’t have to worry that their future husband could rob a bank. Why did she choose this man again? Mind is blown.

She wants to pay the restitution, but Josh declines her offer. He doesn’t want to be supported by her. This could be his only option right now.

Josh doesn’t like the way she’s yelling and being aggressive, which leads to a fight. She says she was only good when he was in prison. Josh jokingly agrees to shut her up because she’s being annoying. She really was too.

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Cheryl flips out, and she can’t understand why he would say that. She starts crying and demands the cameras stop filming. She wants time to talk to Josh alone, but he doesn’t follow her. Trouble in paradise? These two won’t last if they can’t work through such a small issue.

Cheryl goes full psycho, but Josh says he still loves her regardless. They make up and now we wait for her to go crazy again. I’m sure it’ll happen.

Josh is opening a new bank account and points out the irony. He was arrested for being a bank robber, but here he is opening an account. The woman that works at the bank asks what his past felonies were for, and it’s so awkward.

HER FACE. She looks so shook to find out that Josh is a bank robber. I’m SCREAMING. This is hilarious.

Glorietta & AlexGlorietta Love After Lockup

Alex is getting out of prison, and Glorietta is rambling at the speed of a hamster on its wheel. Her energy is so frantic. I CANNOT handle her.

She says Josh got down on one knee over the phone. Let’s all laugh together. I love a good prison proposal this time of year. She heads to the prison early in her balloon filled car. SO EXTRA.

Glorietta can’t control her tears during the car drive, and she’s making me uncomfortable. Relax woman. Her tears go to the next level when she realizes her makeup is messed up.

SHE JUST WANTS HER MAN. Leave her alone. What a meltdown in the car! Get a grip sweetie!

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Glorietta is excited to finally have physical touch with Alex. However, I CAN’T with these balloons. There are so many of them.

While waiting for Alex to come out, gunfire erupts at the prison. Oh no. Is everything alright with Alex? I don’t think she can handle something bad happening. She is one minute away from totally losing it.

It turns out to be nothing, and she is reunited with Alex. Alex says it didn’t start out serious, but now he sees a successful future ahead of them.

Lacey, John, & Shane

Lacey Love After Lockup

Lacey finally remembered she had children and returned home. Shane is paroled to his dad’s house, so she has time to actually be a mother. That’s really sweet. I thought she forgot they existed for a hot minute.

Her dad still has no idea where Lacey really was. He thinks it was all for a modeling shoot. OH IF YOU ONLY KNEW. A recent storm wrecked her backyard, and she compares it to her life. Fair comparison.

She shouldn’t worry about her dad though. The bigger issue is how John will react to all of this. Blowing up in her face is an understatement.

Lacey still doesn’t know what she’s going to do about John. They’ve known each other for so long, but she likes Shane. She prefers inmates because the sex isn’t boring.

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She drops a HUGE bombshell on her father. Lacey claims that John might be the father of one of her kids. WHAT? This complicates things even further in this crazy love triangle.

Her father is worried about the shock of this on his grandchild. Lacey is bringing the drama this season. I’ll give her that. However, her life is such a mess. Her poor kids. One day they’ll see this and be so shocked/ashamed.

Lacey’s daughter wants her to marry John, which is cute. If she only knew though. Lacey’s going to see John at prison, and she’s nervous.

Her life is complicated now that she has fallen in love with Shane. John’s reaction to the news will set the pace going forward.

Lizzy & Daniel

Daniel Love After Lockup

Daniel’s mom gets offended that he would prefer not staying with her. The face she makes when he says that is so scary.

He says they are always arguing, and she says things he doesn’t appreciate. He doesn’t want her badmouthing Lizzy. His mom is a little off her rocker. She freaks out so quickly over nothing.

She’s upset that Lizzy never came to visit Daniel in prison or wrote him back. That’s a fairish point because who doesn’t visit their own significant other?

I would be more on the mom’s side if she wasn’t so quick to cry or become enraged. She asks for some time to see if Lizzy is genuine toward Daniel. Daniel teases that he would choose Lizzy over his mother if it came down to it. HARSH. That will break her heart when she hears it.

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Am I the only one that is wondering why Daniel is still dressing like an inmate? He looks like an inmate or a patient at a psychiatric center. It’s so odd.

Lizzy is sick of Daniel’s mom and confronts him about her behavior. They fight over Josh’s drinking, and it doesn’t get them very far. Lizzy says she won’t put up with drama and snaps at his mom for cutting her off.

Daniel chimes in and claims the drinking doesn’t correlate to his drug use. These two never get anywhere when they speak.

His mom gives a passionate speech about her concerns which leads to a truce. She and Lizzy embrace, and things are good for no. I guess we’ll see! Time to go to the bar! Oh okay. SUCH a tone deaf move.

Vince & Amber

Amber Vince Love After Lockup

Vince’s grandma calls while he’s in the car with Amber, and he lies about why he’s in Georgia. UH? Weird!

Amber meets up with a prison friend to talk about the Vince stuff. I still can’t believe he adopted her prison wife. Who does that? Someone that’s totally bonkers, that’s who.

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Amber can’t get over how awkward it is with Vince. Awkward is one thing. Whatever this is between them is a whole other level of weird.

Amber’s friend thinks Vince is a con artist and claims he’s done this before. There are red flags EVERYWHERE. If Vince is a con, the scam will not last much longer. Her friend will get to the bottom of this.


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