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Love After Lockup Recap: Catch Me If You Con

What a season it is so far for Love After Lockup. The crazy train has arrived at the station and brought us our most dramatic couples yet. The Lacey love triangle gets more intense every week, and the web of lies is so large. She can’t keep the charade going for too much longer. Also, poor Angela has a fiancé on the run! Tony is missing, so the love of her life might be heading back to prison.

The drama between Lizzy and Daniel’s mom is likely to continue in this Love After Lockup episode as well. There’s no hope for these two by the looks of it. They’re destined to clash which could spell trouble for the happy couple. In addition to all of that drama, Vince and Amber’s awkward union continues. She’s just not that into him, but Vince doesn’t have a clue. Can it get any weirder?

Angela & Tony

Angela Love After Lockup

Angela’s freaking out after Tony’s phone call. He’s on the run from the police, and that’s so bad. Any dream she has for a wedding is likely not happening. There were so many warning signs that she ignored though.

Angela calls her friend Tommy (the one that proposed) and fills him in. Tommy dislikes the entire idea of Angela being with Tony, so I’m not sure he will care.

She gets a call from a federal marshal who asks if she’s heard from Tony. She admits that he made contact, and the marshal has semi good news.

He tells Angela that if Tony returns within 72 hours charges are not likely to be filed. This could be great news for Tony. He’s so scared about the idea of returning to prison. However, if he returns now that may be avoided.

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Angela says she’s going to look for Tony herself to get him to go back to the halfway house. She’s furious that he made this decision. SAME HERE.

What was he thinking? He knew exactly what would happen if he chosen not to go back. The provisions of his release were very clear. To make things worse, he has Angela roped into this mess. She looks so in over her head with no idea of what to do or how to help.

Tommy shows up, but Angela offers no explanation for what’s going on. She doesn’t want Tony to get five extra years, but Tommy finds it dumb she’s chasing him.

Let the adventure begin! The 72-hour hunt for Tony is officially underway. I love that even in this moment, Tommy clearly still wants to be with Angela. However, Angela wants to give Tony a chance to explain himself before calling it quits.

Glorietta & Alex

Glorietta Love After Lockup

We have a random new addition to the Love After Lockup family. Glorietta’s been dating Alex for nearly a year, and he is her #Everything. WHY IS SHE SPEAKING IN HASHTAGS? You aren’t a high school sophomore.

They met through her incarcerated cousin. That’s cute. I guess. Ish. Right? He sings for her over the phone, and it’s NOT GOOD. She likens him to Justin Bieber which is an insult to Beliebers everywhere.

She’s another woman who typically falls for bad boys. Glorietta also hasn’t had sex in FIVE YEARS. I love how much people on this particular show tend to focus on that.

Sex is great, but why don’t you all try to build a stable foundation for your relationship? JUST A THOUGHT.

He proposed to her behind bars, and she’s so excited for the wedding. She’s very much a whackadoo with her wedding collage/scrapbook. I’m just….wow.

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She’s been hiding details about the relationship from her mother, but that”s changing today. I love when secrets come out this time of year! Yeah buddy!

Glorietta tells her mom she’s engaged, and she gets a stone cold reaction. Her mom thinks it’s such a joke and sees so many red flags. She makes a lot of valid points about how Glorietta doesn’t know too much about him.

She says he comes from a nice family, and her mom replies with the greatest comeback of all time. “TED BUNDY CAME FROM A NICE FAMILY.” Momma coming in hotttt against Alex.

Glorietta takes a pole dancing class to prepare for Alex’s release. She’s actually not terrible at it either. Not exactly JLo in Hustlers, but it was alright.

Lacey. John, & Shane

Lacey Shane Love After Lockup

Today is Shane’s last day with Lacey because he has to go stay with his father. They say they’re falling in love with each other, and I’m flabbergasted.

How is Lacey okay with any of this? She’s been lying to this poor man for so long now. It’s great they have a connection, but she can’t play two men forever.

Lacey asks Shane for more details about why he was originally arrested. He gives a vague answer about man showing some sort of photos that he didn’t like. The man Shane attacked ended up losing his eye! We don’t know exactly what it was, but there was an implication that the photos may have been explicit photos of minors.

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Shane asks Lacey if she has anything to share with him, but she doesn’t know if she’s ready. This is the last day you’re with him, so BE HONEST.

Lacey finally spills the beans and confesses everything to Shane about John. He has no idea what to say or how to react, but thank goodness it’s out there.

Shane asks her to put herself in his shoes, and he’s taking this surprisingly well. John’s release is going to change everything. That will be the real game changer.

Shane’s losing trust for Lacey, and tells her to make a choice. It’s either John or Shane, and only Lacey knows the answer.

Lizzy & Daniel

Lizzy Love After Lockup

Lizzy & Daniel are finally alone for a bit, so hopefully they can have a great time. She imagined the first thing they’d do would be to have sex, but that was a no go.

They go to a hot springs and discuss his family reunion. His family has a welcome home party planned, and he wants Lizzy there. She’s nervous because of the tension between she and his mother.

Lizzy came across as the aggressive one in last week’s Love After Lockup episode. His mom was trying to be nice, but Lizzy didn’t want nice. She jumped down his mother’s throat so fast and was calling her a liar. She is quite possibly the reason for the issues between the two of them.

Daniel wants to be intimate with Lizzy, and he gets his wish. He gets his wish ON THE LAUNDRY ROOM floor. What a magical special place to have sex. Hope they protected their delicates!

Lizzy is really nervous to see his family, but he tells her to relax. He hasn’t seen his family in years, so there’s no telling how this will go.

His family welcomes him with open arms, and it’s so sweet to see. It takes a bit of a turn when his aunt confronts him about a missing hunting bow. She asks if he stole it, and Daniel admits to his crime.

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At least he’s taking ownership for his past wrongdoings. That’s such a solid first step. It’s an awkward setting to do that, but he handles it well.

Lizzy leaves the room, and his aunt says she likes her because she has goals. Finally, someone in the family actually being nice to Lizzy. Before Daniel can respond, his mom chimes in saying, “she drinks!”

I defended his mom earlier, but now I’m taking that back. She took the first opportunity she could to cut Lizzy down behind her back. His mom rants about her drinking, and Lizzy walks in during it.

Shout out to the UNO cards on the table though. That game is so dope, and Daniel’s mom is the definition of Wild Card.

Vince & Amber

Vince Love After Lockup

Amber and Puppy’s mom talk about Vince and the awkwardness of the relationship. Her mom has noticed that they don’t touch each other or have any real connection. “Awkward” is the understatement of the millennium.

Amber enjoys their intelligent conversations, but she’s concerned why he’s with her. She thinks ulterior movies could be in play. There’s definitely something.

She brings up that Vince said he could adopt her. Wait what? WHAT? That’s one of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen. Not only that, but he wants to adopt Puppy too!

This is one of the creepiest and weirdest things I’ve ever heard. Things are not adding up here. Puppy wants to do it for the money, but this changes everything.

There’s a red flag at every turn with Vince. End this relationship while you still can, Amber. Things are not normal with this man.

Vince shows up and Puppy’s mom has so many questions about him adopting her daughter. It’s all about the money baybay.

What’s even weirder is that he adopted someone who is older than him. I’m so shook and confused and screaming while writing this.

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It gets so much better though. The adoption went through, but Vince won’t be getting any money because she’s in prison. Now he’s responsible for this grown woman, and he’s getting nothing in return. WHAT A MESS.

Puppy’s mother is just as confused as I am, but this is our new normal I guess. Her mother is concerned about the lack of affection between them. However, Vince says Amber’s body language says not to touch her.

What is happening here? Amber just told her how weirded out she was about everything. Is she setting Vince up right now? This so wild. This entire Love After Lockup season is a television masterpiece.

Vince walks into Amber’s room and gives the most bizarre pep talk ever. He assures her he’s in this for the long haul and says how much he loves her. Awww shucks. No, not shucks. Even this moment comes off icky and creepy.

He asks Amber to lay down with him to talk about it. He wants to move where she is full-time, but she wants to feel things out first. THAT MEANS NOOOO.


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