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Kelly Dodd Says Gina Kirschenheiter Is A Follower & Tamra Judge Plays Both Sides

Kelly Dodd is on the war path against part-time cast member Vicki Gunvalson this season on Real Housewives of Orange County. But, then again, who can blame her? Vicki told everyone that Kelly did cocaine and claimed that Kelly barely spends time with her own daughter during the Season 13 reunion.

At this point in Season 14, Kelly thinks that Vicki is the one who spread those train rumors. However, the viewers know that it’s been Tamra Judge who first mentioned the allegation. Oh, and Tamra has been bringing it up every chance she gets, much to the delight of her followers Shannon Beador and the newly inducted ass kisser Gina Kirschenheiter.

Now that Kelly has seen the footage, Kelly is taking no prisoners on social media. She went in after last night’s episode. But, let’s start with the one semi-positive tweet. Kelly said that Emily Simpson, “has the biggest heart of all the ladies on this cast & has yet to get a fair shot from the others #rhoc.” Well, Gina did give Emily a fair shot. At first. Now she’s all about playing second fiddle to Tamra and bragging about her new “best friend” Shannon.

In another tweet, Kelly (kind of) owned up to her own behavior during the episode. She wrote, “Of course I’m not proud of how I spoke but Vicki knows my biggest trigger point is continuing to talk about Jolie. [which] is why she drops bombs like that ON CAMERA.” Well, duh. Vicki isn’t even a Real Housewife. She was desperately doing whatever she could to be in the mix.

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Kelly also tweeted, “Not allowed in my daughters school?? A classic example of how careless Vicki is. She spews out defamatory lies and when confronted on them gets flustered and changed the subject..” Vicki’s schtick is seriously getting old. How many times can she repeat unsubstantiated rumors, backpedal, and then double down?

Kelly said what many viewers have said for years: “In case you’re new here. Tamra plays both sides and keeps both parties at odds while stirring the pot (on and off camera) in order to keep the heat off herself.” Tamra is one of the most polarizing Housewives, but she is a true master at manipulation. These women should be embarrassed by how easily she plays them year after year.

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At another point in the night, she addressed Gina and that hit on the head. Obviously, Kelly should not have hit Gina, but Gina did seem to love having something in common with Shannon. Kelly tweeted, “Gina knew I was kidding when I hit her on the head .. such a follower.” Yep. And I’m sure Emily agrees. Gina is the Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave of RHOC. Just buzzing around a “queen bee” sharing very few original thoughts.

Weirdly, Tamra jumped in to take a dig at Kelly, but it made zero sense. She tweeted, “Where was your loyalty kelly when Vicki spread rumors about Eddie [Judge]? Let’s not play that game sweetie. why do I have to pick a side ? You didn’t!” But, Tamra, why are YOU best friends with Vick after she did that to your own husband? How does this make any sense at all?

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Tamra told a viewer, “Kelly Stabs her friends in the back always! That’s why she has NO one on her side now . (Keep watching) I’m on the ‘RIGHT’ side! they both have been horrible to each other. Our plan was to get them back together in Miraval … and clearly it worked. Your welcome.” Well, at least Kelly has most of the viewers on her side. I can’t say the same for Tamra.


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