Vicki Gunvalson Attacks Kelly Dodd On Twitter; Says Kelly “Leeches Off Men”

What happens when you are a highly visible celebrity, suffering the humiliation of a demotion? Let’s ask Vicki Gunvalson! The veteran star of Real Housewives of Orange County started Season 14 on a different note. Apparently that note said “have a seat” because the orange was snatched out of her hands.

Just like the little engine that could, Vicki is huffing and puffing up a steep hill. She is desperately trying to prove she is worthy of regaining full time status. That isn’t great news for Kelly Dodd, who is now the target of Vicki’s impetuous jabs. Last year Vicki accused Kelly of being a coke head. This year Vicki has definitely not started a rumor that Kelly enjoys participating in risque acts of a sexual nature. But last time I checked, unless a gerbil or goat is involved, having sex is not a crime. Now Vicki attacks Kelly’s relationship with men, which might earn her a doctorate in Hypocritical Science.

You know who enjoyed the Miraval trip the most? That’s right, Steve Lodge! I think we can all agree Kelly is no angel. But she is kind of funny. During the recent sojourn to a healing spa, the ladies have collectively not been on their best behavior. I would like to thank Bravo production for capturing the bewildered facial expressions of the Miraval staff while they observe the pack of wolves feasting on each other.

Yes, Kelly started some stuff. She bopped Shannon STORMS Beador as she took a spiritual bath with a bowl on her head. She made light of a ritual that was an exercise in letting go of bad energy. And when Gina Kirschenheiter cried through her tarantula eyelashes about Kelly being a meanie weenie in LA, Kelly basically wrote her off as an “unaccomplished woman”. Now Vicki is firing back at Kelly’s remark to Gina, because well, Vicki just doesn’t have anything better to do.

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Vicki recently took to Twitter to detail her thoughts on Kelly’s remark. HollywoodLife has all the details, and as usual, Vicki has no chill. The tweet read, “@Andy How can Kelly say she’s ‘accomplished?’ She does not have a job, does not own a home, is not a career person and lives in a $4500 900 square foot apartment that is about to be condemned?? Her only accomplishments are leaching [sic] off of men! She is not accomplished.”

I’m not sure you can nail someone as unaccomplished because they don’t have a mortgage. And while Kelly might not have a 9 to 5, she is part owner of a sparkling beverage brand. And a FULL TIME cast member on RHOC. Not good enough for you, Vicki? Then tell us about your buddy Shannon’s job.

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But does Kelly leech off men? Or is she a newly single woman testing the waters? Sure, Kelly likes to receive expensive gifts. So does Vicki, she just doesn’t have anyone who wants to buy her presents. She allowed viewers to think Brooks bought her a fur coat made out of weasel hide. She whined when Lauri Peterson’s husband bought her a Benz. Vicki also once lamented over Simon Barney’s birthday gift of a Rolex to Tamra Judge. Poor ‘ole Vickster had to buy her own Rolex. Maybe Vicki is just… JEALOUS?

Vicki’s Twitter tirade had fans questioning it’s origin. One commenter asked, “So you are saying that paying $4500 in rent makes her less than? Shame on you Vicki. Come on OG of the OC! Be better!” Vicki made sure to clarify. “She [Kelly] was referring to Gina not being ‘accomplished’. I’m saying where does she come off saying that at all when she is not ‘accomplished’ herself,” she added.

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Let’s talk about Vicki’s accomplishments, shall we? Vicki has accomplished shunning her daughter for a man who lied about cancer. She has accomplished getting her 19th facelift. Vicki has also accomplished allowing men to leech off of HER. And as we all know, Vicki has accomplished getting herself demoted. Well done, Vicki!

Look, Vicki is trying you guys. Trying to stay relevant in a world that has cast her aside. But it’s hard for people to take her seriously when she hasn’t exactly had a life of purity and grace. The only thing Vicki can do at this point is repeat rumors and hope her face doesn’t fall apart. Kelly will be fine, the question is, will Vicki?

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]